Unoccupied house insurance is ideal for properties that are left empty for long periods

If you are the owner of a house that is left empty for whatever reason for 30 days or more, you should consider protecting your property with specialist unoccupied house insurance. It can often be very frustrating for homeowners to insure their properties with standard home insurance if they are left vacant for long periods as many insurers may not offer them cover.

Traditional home insurance policies might state that properties cannot be left for 30 days or more or the cover could become invalid. Therefore, specialist unoccupied house insurance provides the ideal solution for property owners in this situation.

So what exactly is unoccupied house insurance?

If you are unfamiliar with what this type of insurance offers and protects, you can request quotes online from a number of specialist insurance companies to discover what they offer by simply answering a few questions about your own circumstances.

Unoccupied house insurance is designed to provide protection for:

Why would my property be left vacant?

People often have to leave a house empty for a number of reasons, which can also be for reasons out of their control. It has been estimated by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) that damage caused by fires, theft and malicious vandalism causes losses of more than £100 million each year. It therefore makes sense to protect your property when it is left empty, as it may be one of your most valuable assets. A house could be left unoccupied because:

Where can unoccupied house insurance be purchased from?

You can buy unoccupied house insurance online by requesting quotes from a number of specialist insurance companies (you can do this through . This is a great way to see what insurers can offer and will allow you to choose a policy that is best for your own requirements. For example, you may need a short-term unoccupied house insurance policy, so you only pay for the length of cover you need. You could receive a number of quotes for varying prices, which cover a range of things, so you can compare which policy is best for you.


Author: admin on November 20, 2012
Category: Unoccupied House Insurance

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