Professional Skid Pan Training

Skid pan training makes a great gift idea for group celebrations and anyone who enjoys a challenge to control a vehicle in poor road conditions. This type of course is a wonderful opportunity for drivers who like a performance-edge to driving on special tarmac areas in a controlled environment that emulates rain, ice or snow. The skid pan can be used for safety based anti-skid training as well as experience drift car control training too, the theory is the same for both however the application varies making the outcome very different. It’s your choice which approach you opt for, either way you’ll receive professional support from qualified trainers who excel in skid pan training techniques.

Courses Available

Events organisers can arrange a variety of courses for skid pan training, level one is for first and second time skid pan users which is inside the skid pan only and specifically designed to teach the fundamentals of skid control while having fun too. skid pan trainingLevel two of a skid pan training course is aimed at more experienced drivers, generally repeat customers who want to make use of both the inside and outside of a skid pan. What you get for your money during a three hour course can be broken down into the following:-

Needless to say you must wear suitable clothing and appropriate footwear which will be approved by events personnel before being allowed to participate in a skid pan training course.

About The Skid Pan

The skid pan has obviously a purpose-built smooth surface which when wet or icy becomes extremely slippery. If you do wish to use your own vehicle during the course the surface provides very little traction so it won’t wear out your tyres, the area is also surrounded by high grip concrete, meaning you won’t come off the circuit. Your own vehicle must be legally registered to use the facilities during skid pan training.

Reserve A Place

Skid pan training can be reserved for companies or individuals online or by telephone, if you require group bookings then do speak to a member of staff to arrange an exhilarating driving day.

Author: editor on January 4, 2012
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