Find the best Landlord Insurance online

Landlord insurance which is also known as buy to let insurance can be bought online from professional brokers. They are committed in offering a first class service and great landlord insurance deals to protect landlords who have individual properties or extensive rented property portfolios. Even if your property is managed by a letting agency you will still want the comfort of knowing that it is covered. Brokers can provide cover for accidental damage caused by tenants, perfect if you have multiple tenants in one building.

Buy to rent protection

Why not purchase buy to rent protection? Imagine what would happen if your tenants breached their tenancy agreement and refused to pay the rent, they may up sticks and leave your property without warning which could leave you in a financial predicament. Having buy to rent protection, which can be purchased online from reliable brokers, means you won’t be out of pocket should tenants default on their rent payments. In addition to this brokers can provide:-

Don’t take any risks

Residential landlords can face numerous risks when renting out their properties and their contents. Risks don’t need to be taken especially when you can protect your property, its contents and yourself. If an accident or injury happened to a tenant while on your property, by buying comprehensive landlord insurance you will be completely covered. Their insurance policies and packages are underwritten by a consortium of leading UK insurance companies so you can be confident you are fully protected for all eventualities. Other key features for landlord insurance are:-

Payment options and cover

Reliable brokers can arrange immediate landlord insurance cover, contact one of their specialist advisers either online or by telephone today. Landlord insurance premiums can be paid by direct debit monthly instalments or by credit card over the telephone, you can also pay by cheque if this is preferred. Once you receive your landlord insurance policy you have a fourteen day cooling off period to read the contents and the level of cover, if you do have any queries or questions don’t hesitate to contact a broker.


Author: editor on March 24, 2012
Category: Landlords Insurance

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