Who Might Fail in Tablet PC Market?

Who Might Fail in Tablet PC Market?

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The abrupt increase of not only dazzles we consumers, but also confuses their manufacturers. At present, many companies and manufacturers, including PC suppliers, IT factories, cell phone providers, digital companies and even IT chip suppliers, announced their launch in the tablet market, for example, Apple iPad and Hanvon Touchpad. The table followers try hard to grab one piece of the market share.

It seems that tablet PC market homogenization become more and more severe. Suppliers who pay too much attention on prices while neglect User Experience fails in the competition one day.FollowersThe advent of meets users’ large screen requirements as well as portability demands. Comparing to traditional computers, a is more portable while it offers better user experience in comparison to cell phones. Currently, there are many clone electronics suppliers steering to sell tablet PCs which are usually very cheap – such tablets are welcomed by people who have no picky requirements on applications.

Will these cheap clone products be the block on tablet PC market development? On the contrary, it helps promote the pad which emphasizes on user experience. Now, many tablets orient on two points, that is, entertainment and business. Analysys International scores according to their entertainment performance, business capability, as well as comprehensive mobile competence (portability, battery capability, and internet accessibility.) Who is the winner in the entertainment PC area and who is the winner in business area?

Apple iPad is the biggest winner in the entertainment mobile terminal as well as business area. The pad not only offers powerful entertaining functions like video, music, games, reading, etc., but also supports office software.

New ModelA new model, “tablet PC + Other terminals + Application”, might appear. Recently, Motorola released webtop, a new terminal machine which integrates features of cell phones and tablet PCs. Different from other mobile devices’ pattern like cell phones, laptop and tablets, Webtop uses laptop screen and keyboard to extend cell phone functions.

What is the result of the new model? The sale of tablet PC would be motivated by the selling of smart cell phones. At the same time, many suppliers probably have to face to the failure. Although many manufactures launched their brand tablets in time, they forget to add their self advantages in. Similar tablet PCs, which seldom have improvement on the business handling capability and mobile entertainment performance, are ubiquitous on the market.

2011 might weed out tablets with single terminal and application. There are two tendencies in the mobile market. Entertainment pad will be orientation of cell phone terminal suppliers and business pad PC terminals and the incorporation of the two would become more and more obvious.

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