Which is Your Preference For tablet PC, Dealextreme or PickEgg?

Which is Your Preference For tablet PC, Dealextreme or PickEgg?

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For anyone that has ever thought of setting up an internet shopping site or E-commerce as it is so often referred to as, the problem of where to obtain the merchandise sold on your site comes up. I was checking out the possibilities of opening my own E-commerce site. There are several worldwide wholesaler offering more than one hundred thousand products for a want to be web entrepreneur to choose from when setting up their site. Products range from MP3 players to Cell Phones to Toys and everything in between including T-shirt. They offer low minimum orders as well as drop shipping on the products and are definitely worth looking into more, by myself and any other future E-Commerce moguls. Visit their site and check them out.

We know that both the dealextreme and PickEgg are the famous big giants of online wholesale electronics in China. Their product ranges from cheap cell phone to cheap Mp3 player, from cheap digital cameras to cheap home audio and video devices, from cheap electronics gadgets to cheap surveillance equipments…and of course, including cheap car DVD players, car accessories.

The two have tried their best to make use of “cheap made in China” to sweep away small traders, and what’s more important, compete with each other for the large potential global market! Thus more and more over-sea buyers are attracted to do deals in either dealextreme or PickEgg, because the prices there are becoming more and lower.

You can imagine that with just 100 or 200 more US dollars, you get a looks-like perfect car DVD players, a Google Android tablet PC, Digital Cameras and so on. But which supplier you will choose? Whose price is much better for your consideration? dealextreme or PickEgg? You will be involved in the war of prices then.

For example, if you buy a Google Android tablet PC, the important point is if you ever have thought that what kind of tablet PC you can get with more or less 200 US dollars? Within a department store, what kind of quality and reliability you can get when the owner is busy in cutting down his necessary cost and getting large enthusiasm in shouting price war with his competitors? Who cares whether out-shape and UI of the tablet PC is ugly or nice? Who cares if the tablet will compatible with your status or not? Who cares if the tablet will be crashed during the shipping and display nothing when you receive it with happiness? And who will answer your bunches of professional questions regarding the installation and how to use? Just wondered how many professionals will be there ready for questions of several of merchandises.

If you are a personal buyer, so are you sure what’s the best tablet PC with best price? Won’t you need a qualified tablet PC with up-to-date and all in one features and nice UI just matches your interest? And what’s more important, who can provide you a tablet PC with easy installation? Also which place will you be able to turn to for help?

If you are a wholesaler, have you thought what your clients’ needs are? What kind of operating system will please them most?

Obviously, the answer to both wholesalers and buyers is clear now. We need a place where we have various choices, a place could provide most professional guides for purchase and use, a place where we can find most fashionable and useful tablet PCs, a place you could afford you product with your own style, and also a place offers reasonable prices.

Then, both of the companies are very good choices, only PickEgg as a new big online store, which will have more promotional activities and more new products, which you can get more discount than dealextreme.

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