What are the advantages of a tablet pc?

What are the advantages of a tablet pc?

Article by Thein Win

People who are looking for a new mobile computer have the choice of either getting a traditional laptop or a tablet pc. What makes the tablet pc distinct from a traditional laptop is the touchscreen function that the tablet pc offers. This means you are able to interact with the computer through a digital pen, stylus or even your fingers by touching the screen. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to use the tablet pc without the need for a keyboard or mouse.

Whatever tablet pc you choose, all tablet laptops have the following advantages:

1. Touchscreen interface

The tablet pc can be used like a notepad and pen with communication done through the touchscreen interface. This means you can write, draw or manipulate objects on the screen through touch. Therefore, you can perform complex tasks such as drawing which can’t easily be done with a standard keyboard and mouse.

2. Handwriting

The touchscreen offers the user to write on it and is useful in situations where note taking is needed such as in a meeting or in a classroom. The ability to write is also useful for people who do a lot of form filling – in these circumstances a form is displayed on the screen and is filled in by hand. Tablet laptops also have the ability to recognise handwriting and translate it into computer text so that it can be saved as a word processor file or sent in an email.

3. Tough

Since tablet laptops are designed to be handled and written on they are also made to be more tough or hard wearing than traditional laptops. This means they are better able to resist impacts. Some tablet laptops can also withstand liquid spillages.

4. Ultra mobility

The fact that tablet laptops are ergonomically designed, tough and have a touchscreen that can be written on, enables them to be highly mobile such that you can take notes on the tablet pc while you are walking as you might do with a paper notepad and pen.

In summary, a tablet pc is ideal for a person who is out and about and need to interact with a fully featured computer by means other than a traditional keyboard and mouse. If you like to know more about tablet laptops or is looking for one, please visit http://www.tabletpclaptops.net

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