Toshiba Senior Interview ablout Tablet PC

Toshiba Senior Interview ablout Tablet PC

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IT industry is now subject than most Tablet PC, Toshiba 2011 Spring Carnival to the new wave of conference, AT100 naturally become a bright spot. After the meeting, we had an exclusive interview on the Toshiba high-level, to flat-panel industry, and Toshiba Tablet PC AT100 please rise for our analysis.

Reporter: AT100 about time to market and price, probably to take the strategy?

Dong Yi: This product has been released today, will be listed as soon as possible, knowing that we all look forward to this product, we will as soon as possible to market this product in China. On price, each in a Pad, Apple iPad 2 came out, we will time to arrange the listing price.

Reporter: Toshiba has now introduced this sets AT100 Tablet PC, it Toshiba notebook sales caused much of an impact?

Kazama Maodong Fu: Last year our first generation of one sales began, and last year’s first-generation one came out to short, and very easy to sell, but overall did not sell particularly large amount, almost the whole sales 1%. But then just test the water generation of flat panel products, now the second generation of the Pad is the real product development effort. Accounted for in the entire product line, the proportion of view, now a global market, accounting for Tablet PC notebook computer between 5% -10% share, we hope China than the world average level of selling some more, also depends on the domestic market for flat-panel recognized the situation.

Reporter: As a traditional computer makers Toshiba, what strategies in it? Motorola mobile phone manufacturers than tablet What are the advantages? For the notebook business, including the Internet, tablet PCs will not cause the emergence of market impact and influence?

Kazama Maodong Fu: In fact, flat, or do more to leading PC manufacturers, like Samsung is also a one sector, purely out of cell phone manufacturers Motorola, only one. So this can also be seen in terms of tablet PCs or traditional computer manufacturers in the manufacture of a stronger advantage. Together the two industries have converged in the direction, two different manufacturers in the manufacture of the time have their own advantages.

The traditional PC and the Internet in this impact, it is clear now, and the emergence of it for the traditional android PC base no major impact, the impact of the Internet can now be obvious. Beginning last year, tablet PCs started appearing in the Chinese market since the Internet in the Chinese market share is significantly reduced.

Dong Yi: The shop is the last mentioned, has been in development, this store has been developed abroad, now not on the domestic lines, involves many problems, including localization, because the English version of foreign countries, China is the Chinese version, Is now finished. Toshiba is also our third-party software, software development, our Tablet PC’s, that they will pre-installed on the inside.

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