Top List Iphone 4 Protective Cases

Top List Iphone 4 Protective Cases

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Nobody could argue anything other than the Apple iPhone was the best new cell phone released in 2007. Incredible design, off-the-wall looks, marketing and usability. The iPhone re-wrote the book on mobile phones and many of the newer phones like iphone 4 coming on the market are attempting to copy or better Apple’s design. But possibly one of the best features of the iPhone is the frankly incredible range of accessories like iPhone 4 Protective Case being made by just about every manufacturer on the planet. Every one wants a piece of the iPhone. Iphone 4 protective cases are a case in point (sic). But which is the best iphone 4 protective case? And more importantly, which case will do the best job of protecting your shiny new iPhone while maintaining it’s usability and looks?Here are the five best iPhone cases: 1. Aircraft Aluminum Metal CaseTop of my list is the Apple iPhone Aircraft Aluminum Metal case, iPhone Smart Case. This one comes complete with a padded neoprene interior and encloses the iPhone in a high-grade aluminum shell. The case has openings for the display screen, keyboard and other features, and is available in five colors – puke green, revolting magenta, sickly sky blue, sensible silver and the ever practical plain old black. The list price on these is .95, but the last time I checked, Amazon had several for around eight bucks. Much cheaper than a new screen. 2. Speck TechStyle Next up is the Speck TechStyle Classic Leather Apple iPHone Protective Case. Good quality leather, well stiched together with a plaid interior, although, let’s face it – who cares what the inside of the case looks like? This is a good quality case though. Included is a custom holster swivel belt clip to allow purse snatchers easier access. One of the good things about the case is it allows full access to all the controls. A nice looking case that will do a good job of protecting the iPhone. Suggested price for this is around thirty dollars and it tends not to be as heavily discounted as some of the other cases. 3. Speck Black Gel Skin HolsterWhat I like about this one is that fact that they sensibly give you the option of removing the belt clip. Having a large, expensive piece of portable technology clipped to your belt allowing any would be thief to help themselves may be OK in some areas, but in certain parts of the country, it’s probably not such a great idea. `It looks a little clunky, but provides very good protection and, as with all these cases, you can face the screen inward for more protection, although that rather defeats the object of buying a case like this in the first place.Source by

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Nobody could argue anything other than the Apple iPhone was the best new cell phone released in 2007.

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