The Evaluation of Apple iPhone 4 in China

The Evaluation of Apple iPhone 4 in China

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The Evaluation of Apple iPhone 4 in China

IPhone was born in 2007, in 2008, joined the 3G network iPhone 3G, there was App Store in 2009 brought a double-speed iPhone 3GS, in 2010, the newly designed iPhone iPhone 4 was born topromote all aspects of the greatest generation, but also the world’s thinnest smartphone. The Retina IPS screen, FaceTime, iOS 4,1 GHz processor, the A4, so that iPhone 4 to become the mostdazzling mobile phone.

As usual, let’s talk about mainstream iPhone 4 changes: the abolition of Youtube, cancel upload photos directly to MobileMe (MobileMe features of other full), add WAPI agreement. Back of the

phone to the Chinese text “The U.S. Apple Apple Inc. WCDMA digital mobile phones”, and have 3C

certification mark. In addition, the packaging also have some information on most of the culture.

Network access license is attached to the outside can be torn off iPhone 4, and will not affect

the beauty.

Compared to the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 has a new design apearance, from the sleek style of the design

into the angular, but has retained the four curved corner cutting, to avoid too stiff stiff.

Just hold in the hand when used 3GS, we think the general feeling, even some hinder hand. Soon,

only 9.3 mm thickness of the people feel comfortable, get used to but after some shouting 3GS


iPhone 4 positive and negative use of aluminosilicate glass, Apple said after chemical

strengthening treatment, 30 times than the hard plastic. Front and back of the fuselage to

retain the anti-grease, fingerprint-proof membrane. In fact, since such designs iPhone 4,

leading to its front and back of the glass quite impact, if a kit is not installed the iPhone 4

in the protection of one meter from the top down on the concrete floor, then it’s positive or

the very opposite may be broken or crack, we must be careful to this point has been a

considerable part of the iPhone 4 user accidentally broke his own screen.

the shell of iPhone 4 is a special stainless steel ring, this ring is also stainless steel

antenna is highly controversial. Here we have and we re-discuss the “antenna door”: When holding

the iPhone 4 antennas at the lower left corner of the junction, the cell phone signal does have

declined, especially where the signal was bad. However, the domestic mobile 2G network, China

Unicom 3G network compared to the U.S. AT & T, have several times. Antenna problems the impact

on the domestic users to be much smaller, though not to the extent negligible, but not

particularly in places with poor signal will not affect normal use.Article Source:

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