The benefits of Tablet PC

The benefits of Tablet PC

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Apple Tablet PC grows quickly in the last half year, some even predict that android tablet will replace the notebook. But there are a lot of people think that Tablet PC is just flash in the pan only. . . . . . . we don’t know the results, I do not know, but I just know the benefits of android Tablet.1. Say goodbye to the bad movie on the plane. Most people are not lucky enough to ride like JetBlue Airways and Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines flight that they have a modern entertainment system. If your plane is equipped with wireless network, you can watch videos and surf the Internet with your android tablet.2. Stay away from the laptop Tablet is clearly not a perfect substitute for notebook. But for many people, sometimes – and for some people, most of the time – the new equipment will be a good substitute. Obviously, it can not run Photoshop. But if you only need to read and write e-mail, browse the web, or write a document, you may not need to carry the laptop to the Starbucks, the android tablet will be more convenient. 3. Say goodbye to the days of tossing back and forth in the library Tablet PC is the best eBook reader, it can display a wealth of full color pictures, beautiful text. 4. Farewell to carry chessBoard games can be played in the 10-inch color monitor. Tablet PC will complement the function of mobile phones and computers, rather than replace them. But you will want all three at the same time by your side. So, you may use more Network services and Web browser, desktop services and programs that will reduce the number of times. Even the toilet would be different In addition to surfing the web in the bathroom, what the benefits of Tablet PC. “This is a fair criticism, and we hope there will be more use of tablet PCs, but It also reflects the value in the toilet. 5. Enjoy the fun of the game anytime, anywhere Tablet PC is now a considerable number of gravity sensing game, Malata’s ZPad more cattle, built-in 2D/3D acceleration, support for OpenGL ES 2.0, anytime 3D games the visual impact; can run the gravity sensors and touch-screen control of 3D gaming, the game from more interactive; intelligent platform supports download more tours 6. Drama and applications, fun unlimited. Your mobile home audio and video, Dual Core Tablet PC gradually began to pop up, and play high-definition is no longer a dream, Malata’s ZPad support 1080P Full HD video playback is extremely smooth, With advanced NVIDIA processor and large screen quality pure and delicate, like the portable big-screen high-definition theater, unparalleled visual enjoyment.7. You will become an alternative “couch potato” According to the survey, more than half of Americans watching TV while online. In theory, the Tablet PC play a crucial role in your living room.

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