Ten reasons for Tablet PC will not replace notebook computer

Ten reasons for Tablet PC will not replace notebook computer

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April 6, Apple’s iPad 2 is definitely a marketing legend. Tablet PC’s success has led some people began to worry about the future of laptops. Although equipment such as iPad 2 affected the sales of notebook computers, they can not replace a laptop position. The following are the reasons:

1, business users still select notebook computers

Although more and more companies are considering their company’s network using iPad 2 or other flat panel devices, but most companies realize that laptop is absolutely necessary. Employees outside the office or to be able to access Microsoft’s Windows system. They also need to have production efficiency. Tablet computer currently can not do that.

2, the Tablet computer have input problems

One of the major disadvantages of Tablet computer is its not easy to enter. iPad 2 of the virtual keyboard on the market without a doubt the best, but it is still not comparable to the traditional keyboard. Of course, consumers can install an external keyboard iPad 2, but this is not ideal.

3, the Tablet PC operating system is not strong enough

Although iOS great, still can not drink their Windows or Mac OS X par. Mobile operating system is designed to be thin, to carry out simple tasks – such as e-mail, browse the Web and watch videos, to be efficient as possible. The lack of an operating system, file system, more active interface, and other notebook computer operating system can offer.

4, Windows is still very important

Microsoft’s Windows platform is still in today’s science and technology plays an important role. Microsoft’s operating system in a wide variety of electronic devices around the world running. It is a people accustomed to using the operating system. Perhaps more importantly, it is a lot of people use at work every day operating systems. Gradually lost unless the OS market, Microsoft Windows, or notebook computers are not going away.

5, notebook prices

Regardless of budget, consumers and business users are now able to pick out a reasonably priced trouble, good performance laptop. Many laptops are now in the market price of less than 500 dollars, and tablet PCs, the most expensive iPad 2 also $ 499.

6, the market demand productivity

In the business world, IT staff to focus on productivity. Managers often use technology to measure the number of staff productivity. Using tools such as iPad 2 biggest problems is that they lower productivity. People use it to watch Netflix’s content, listen to music and play games. Of course, these problems will also have a laptop, but the company can use laptop computers for better management.

7, Apple is not generally popular

Although the iPad 2 very good, but this alone can not represent a device is a whole category of products. Apple in the market is not omnipotent. In fact, some people are still strong anti-Apple people. So, despite the iPad 2 can affect the sales of notebook computers, they are not able to completely replace a laptop position.

8, the Tablet computer is not universally popular

Tablet PC on the market is not universally accepted. In fact, millions of people worldwide have tried to use tablet PCs, and eventually found they are not their goals. Most people LTN156AT02</body> think they do not need Tablet PC – notebook PCs will be able to meet their mobile needs.

9, notebook computer’huge market

According to market research firm IDC, computer shipments in the fourth quarter of last year, more than 93 million units. This data includes desktop computers, mobile computers and the Internet, which is far more than the Apple iPad sales of 15 million last year. This is more than last year, research firm Gartner predicted 55 million units this year, Tablet PC shipments. Although the laptop does not account for all shipments of 93 million units, but it still occupies a very large share. This is only a quarter of shipments.

10, electric power

Tablet PC operating system is not very strong. Moreover, the Tablet PC notebook computer lacks the batteries power to offer support. iPad 2 can only provide support for relatively simple tasks. Those who need high-end processor, sufficient RAM and larger hard drive Tablet PC of the user can not be found.

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