Tablet PCS can coexist harmoniously with low-cost notebook?

Tablet PCS can coexist harmoniously with low-cost notebook?

Article by Johnlee

Recent first iPad2 tablet computer apple product has arrived in Beijing zhongguancun smuggling market, the actual costs in 4500 yuan, and retail price is 7,000 yuan without tax. In iPad2 announcement, the first generation of the iPad in China HangHuo below 3000 yuan, called the consumer to be bestowed favor on newly. Tablet PCS will replace low-cost laptop’s voice growing stronger.

The launch of apple’s retail iPad2 tablet computer 9 up, with the first generation of same iPad price. IPad2 in hardware has great ascension, numerous consumers itch to try. IPad2’s highly praised, has better processor, can make more rapid scientific calculus. But this is the real demand of consumers? B: not really. The first generation of the main function and iPad with iPod Touch multimedia player software, but the screen bigger same. In software realization, the effect is not very good. This is apple mobile iPad sales of far more than the reasons.

IPad2 although in performance increase, but mainly operating mainly still rely on fingers, some people think it is very convenient, but who wants to a metal box “for several hours wooing”? Compared with the keyboard mouse, operated by hand, rather some return uncut jade to return true. From product orientation and product function to see, tablet PCS and laptops have very big distinction. Tablet PCS, and mainly used to entertainment and leisure entertainment laptop can not only more can business office.

Maybe you overlooked a problem. Laptop can also watch movies and talk QQ, apple iPad is impracticable, also can only operate a software. Although iPad and other tablet PCS with low price, but application scope notebook coincidence is totally different. Consumers have desktop PC or laptop after a very short period of time will consider buying a tablet computer. If the user’s personal computer has had certain years, users will first purchasing a new computer replace old computer, rather than buy tablet computer.

The Internet this chose good opportunity arises, it is that the global economic crisis, again at the same time, various also have arisen. The Internet in 2000 multivariate gracing the consumer market, obtained the widespread approval. This is not the Internet consumers by itself, but the price low. Not only in China, big to worldwide at any time, low price is attractive, but in the global economic crisis situation, low price may be the best choice. There are already people discuss whether tablet computer will jeopardize the Internet this market. Indeed, this function is limited to see the Internet web, watching movies, other function almost nothing all day. The same with tablet PCS, and tablet computer looks more upscale somewhat.

The Internet this very can disappear on from the market. Careful you have discovered, computer manufacturers have relaxed online this to develop new products, turn to the more lucrative tablet computer and mainstream notebook development. The price advantage in the Internet after losing market abandon, affirmation will be, but it’s not because a tablet computer. You may ask, low-cost notebook destiny? I think, low-cost laptop will only replacement notebook, but never disappeared. No low, which come of so-called high cent. Tablet PC replacement notebook seems unlikely, because the notebook can never replace desktops. We can be the all-in-one PC desktop computer as flat. Some people may first saw tablet computer, will think this is a laptop displays. Indeed, is a laptop integrated a battery and operation circuit board monitor. You can also think it is in a telephone circuit monitor. Integrated

In the future, we may see with tablet PCS LTN156AT02 for fiducial assemblies. Such as tablet computer monitor, external keyboard as function and ordinary notebook without two. But in the end you will still find, flat screen computers not big to 14 inches, because too much screen not only operate, and relatively heavy.

A few years ago, when the Internet this just released, experts about surfing the Internet after a meal, the Internet this experience straus, the reemergence until downhill. CLAA133WA01A also is so, already listed get experts widely acclaimed, tablet computer really give users brought joy? The user work efficiency to promotion? When the user see to the tablet computer, perhaps after really use tablet computer will soon disappear.

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