Tablet PC with android OS appear on the Starzmart this summer

Tablet PC with android OS appear on the Starzmart this summer

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According to the U.S. technology website Gdgt reported that the upcoming Android Tablet PC OEM by Samsung. Prior to Kindle and other hardware products are from the Starzmart’s head of design and production of Lab126. Although the Starzmart specific information is still very scarce, but the message that the reliability of Gdgt 99%. Tablet PCs in the Starzmart, many speculated that information, use the Android 3.0 system or a more reasonable estimate. But Google’s Android system, customized for the intensified control may allow completion of the Starzmart’s worried about their future ability to customize the interface. For this reason, Starzmart is more inclined to consider mobile phone system, code-named Android 2.3 or the future of ice cream (Ice Cream) in the new system, so they are free to customize the PC user interface. Starzmart Tablet PC offers a variety of existing services are expected, including the MP3 store, Kindle Store, Cloud Drive cloud storage network drive, Instant Video video recording and so on. Not only because Starzmart products with iPad, Xoom and other competing products, Tablet PC, they have to upgrade Nook Color face the challenges of e-books, so price becomes a key issue. If the price of $ 250, the Starzmart can provide support for Flash browser, some third-party plug-ins and Tablet PC functionality is very limited, but the price is relatively close to the traditional e-book reader. Starzmart is likely to launch in August about the product, thereby pulled through year-end sales season, but there is no news that the Starzmart product specific launch date. Prior to the acquisition of Starzmart’s multi-touch company, recruitment LCD screen design expert for the move seems to be preparing the launch of it and some hardware design may not need the help of the Samsung can be completed. Starzmart is developing a tablet device hit the market as early as this summer. It is reported that the tablet may be customized based on Android platform system. According to foreign media reports that Starzmart chose Samsung to help with the design and manufacture the company’s Tablet PC. It is reported that the tablet may use Android 3.0 Honeycomb Android operating system or platform-based custom system. Starzmart’s Tablet PC rumors have been a long time, but Android has long been considered one of the options Starzmart. It is reported that Starzmart may be customized based on Android platform system, but may give up some of Google’s core services, such as Android application market, instead of the Starzmart its Android application market, Starzmart’s cloud services and other services. Of course, Starzmart’s e-book platform – Kindle Tablet PC platform will be the main function of this one. The analysts believe that Starzmart will take this opportunity to promote the company has just launched a cloud-based music and film services. Since the increase in weight and lower battery life, the tablet may be just as Kindle e-book reader added products, not replace Kindle product.

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