Tablet Pc The Go? Champions Lead The Way

Tablet Pc The Go? Champions Lead The Way

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28-day sales of one million, iPad as Steve Jobs has created a new marketing miracle, iPad as 2010’s most popular mobile portable terminal, “Tablet PC” has been more known. Behind the brilliant sales, ipad compared with some less than traditional computer has been a lot of criticism the industry and buyers. And ipad similar, earlier than the 3 months also appeared in China’s e people e handwritten Tablet PC have the same problem. In short, that ipad and e e the people, represented by small, portable tablet PCs though, easy to carry, more suitable for people on the move to use, but it functions in the complex computing applications and still can not replace the traditional computer.     E from e people have come out of this and ipad after some recent domestic manufacturers also have to follow suit an occasion to join the Tablet PC’s camp, we saw in the local products and ipad like appearance, similar to the control mode and the entertainment the application. Product appearance and function of the application of simple to follow, together with the development of domestic low cost cheaper than the price of notebooks, tablet PCs this is the future of domestic out?     Away from your side who have portable devices?     PSP, MP4, electronic reader, mini games, I believe many people have owned these handheld devices, whether used to play games or listen to music, I believe they are accompanied by your side for a long time, yesterday GBA today, PSP, tomorrow, NDSL, these electronic products have become the trend in FMCG. Therefore, the development of tablet PCs for the direction of its application has played an important and decisive role. If used for entertainment, tablet PCs and other portable terminals may be the same, will not be a long and continuous use of things. Of course, and the above example a single hand-held entertainment devices is not the same to ipad Tablet PC, represented at least a multi-entertainment handheld. Just the same thing is at the core of the handheld entertainment device, it is not a necessity.     To the single-mindedness from the grass is always greener     We note that came back in early January of this year’s e people e this, it is totally focused on business applications. One Person One side of the company’s chief operating officer, Li Yong said in an interview: “Re powerful entertainment features, will not let users of its sustained interest from beginning to end, while the business application is different, if a portable Tablet PC, the user can move the state, providing anytime, anywhere e-mail, instruction documents, meeting minutes, scheduling, access to information, remote management, and so convenient features, will make Tablet PCs as an essential business elite travel necessities. only a necessity, tablet PCs will be more long-term vitality, so that the consumer’s mind from the ‘grass is always greener’ changed to ‘single-mindedness’. Only in this way will not allow Tablet PC into the consumer side of the short passing. ”     In addition to the application of direction,, e who e version Eben mall, as a leader in the domestic flat-panel computer, e people e terminal + Eben Mall of the product model for business applications provide the perfect mobile office solution.     Powerful entertainment terminal is ipad, iphone portable devices such as the most dominant features, but only on the efforts in the hardware is not enough, how to make applications to the user’s eyes continuously output, allowing users to continue to experience the new terminal is also very important Application of. Apple’s own devices to provide AppStore, e who have Eben e the mall, one difference is that e for e in this high-level local Chinese companies, the business elite tailored business applications. One Person One of the apple and have to tap their people’s needs of radioactive products, such as ipad the “HD version of 3D games” and the handwritten e people e “mail” and other outstanding applications and end seamless connectivity bring great convenience to the user. Tablet PC has been a leader in the development of computer products for the flat road to the direction.

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