Tablet PC is not a new term

Tablet PC is not a new term

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Tablet PC is not a new term. A few years ago, the Tablets we saw are netbook supports screen handwriting. In fact this product has been popular, and still has a loyal owner base, including Lenovo (Thinkpad), HP and other vendors have introduced products like Tablet PC. These touch notebooks aimed at business people and expensive, usually they can be arbitrarily large touch screen rotation and tilt angle, which brought a lot to facilitate business presentations.When Apple’s iPad appeared, because we defined for mobile portable and supports handwriting operation, so this is not touch-type keyboard with a mobile device, and it can also be defined as the Tablet PC. The tablet has a 9.7 inch screen, and not for the using Microsoft operating systems are custom, but in the mobile phone market follows its own acclaimed iOS system, the tablet of fame beyond the speed of allexpected, sales in 2011 exceeded 30 million is likely that those who voice criticism of the last have become amazing.There never lack of vendor in the potential consumer market, and soon that slate a large number of computers there have sprung up version of the BlackBerry launched PlayBook, Motorola introduced the Xoom, HP introduced the TouchPad, Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab, Sony will soon introduce new paragraph S2. The new products are choosing the more suitable for Android or other flat panel computer’s operating system, configuration of the large size of the touch screen buttons in order to retain very little physical experience of touch to better interact with the user experience, create an application App Store for users to purchase applications need to attract a variety of developers to develop applications for users. Apple built a brand new ecosystem, but many budding Tablet PC manufacturers to learn quickly.Many years ago, we have discussed whether to replace laptop computers, we had the answer that is impossible, because the notebook’s performance and experience are greater than the gap between desktop PCs, at least we do not recommend users to choose notebooks as their first computer. But today, despite the scientific computing, graphics design and gaming enthusiasts still prefer desktops, but notebook computers have become the largest PC market, while the market share of the desktop became a small market. Then the Tablet PC is so popular today, can the new tablet computer replace the traditional PC (desktop computers, notebook computers) it?Some people would say that the performance of Tablet PC is not strong enough, but now the mainstream tablet PC are equipped with more than 1G frequency of the CPU, 512MB RAM or higher, the increase in speed performance compared to traditional PC growth was faster more, with the continuous development of the modern electronics industry, perhaps only three to five years the performance of tablet PCs will be able to catch up with the traditional PC. When we use the properties of this defect is to attack the demise of desktop computers notebook to say, but after a few years the performance of laptop and desktop computers have been flat or even go-ahead sign.

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