States United States to join the melee Tablet PC Brand appears not to state the United States – home

States United States to join the melee Tablet PC Brand appears not to state the United States – home

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to open the new face of Apple iPad Electronic Market, even the countries like the United States Home Appliances Stores also began to “follow suit” the. Yesterday, there Shenzhen Tablet PC design company, told reporters disclosed that the U.S. is being co-makers through its orders in Shenzhen, the first custom tablet 45 000 units. Will not “GOME” brand appears It’s got the design orders show the country the U.S. manufacturer is divided into three types, namely, 7 inches, 10.2 inches and 10.2 inches flip rotating Tablet PC, all with Google operating system. It is reported that minimum quantity for each product were 15,000, total 45,000. Party giving specified: “Cikuan computers with Gome Launch of the product, so please be sure to provide manufacturers 3C certification. ” Yesterday, the reporter on this issue to verify aspects of the country the United States, but did not get a clear response. However, there are close to Gome’s Informed sources said that the country the United States does have the tablet computing to expand their businesses. “But what really launched customized tablet PCs, in particular the style aspects still under discussion, but certainly not to the country the United States there own brand.” Before, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard in the computer area have been tailored for the States United States the production machine. Custom Performance For main attack iPad “soft rib” Apple iPad and non-reader, no USB, no camera, can not replace the battery, can not expand storage space, with many unforgivable “mistake” in comparison, the national U.S. exposure can be described as full-featured custom Tablet PC the. According to press to get the orders, the country designated by the United States Custom Tablet PC VIA 8505 + special master chip, which means that States United States Global Positioning Tablet PC with GPS function definitely. While other indicators, custom machine with a 300 000 pixel will be camera; provide maximum support to 16GB of MicroSD slot; equipped with two USB interfaces; provide WiFi support in the case, also increased the RJ45 Ethernet ports. This means that States United States tablet PCs can be customized wiring operation, most likely because China’s current popularity of WiFi is not enough to increase the special conditions. A senior design project to read the orders in the projected cost of 7-inch custom tablet PCs cost about 75 dollars, “according to every increase of 1 inch screen, costs 15 dollars usually rough calculation rules, the script is 10.2 inches cost about 900 yuan or so. ” Although the United States and the State can not determine the final price, but is certain is that five or six thousand dollars, iPad easily than an absolute price advantage. Parties would like to take a vote iPad fishing craze Fact, since the iPad on the market, major computer makers, including some Cottage Vendors are eyeing this market for Tablet PC, for a piece, This time appliance stores also join the fray as no surprise. According to informed sources, the current scale of Shenzhen with more than 20 programs related to Tablet PC design company orders the hands of about ten million sets. Future competition in this market will be very fierce and chaotic. So who sustained boom in the Apple iPad quick to launch its own when a similar product, who is likely able to “retrieve one vote.” “If you wait until the market matured, so manufacturers can earn profits probably will ‘ MP3 Of ‘the. ” IT Analysts Qin Chuan told reporters. The implication, then, may be hard to make big money was. Customized tablet PCs for the U.S. national program, an electronic circle of professionals in Shenzhen, said, according to normal procedures inference, if not unexpected, this product can be the fastest production within two months. “Coupled with strong store GOME channels, should be able to catch up with the Tablet PC Sell Boom. “The professionals said. Also, spread circle design in Shenzhen, another major domestic home appliance giant stores have begun to Tablet PC custom orders. However, the time of writing this message to reporters that the company has not yet been confirmed.

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