Spy Gear and Gadgets for the Military

Spy Gear and Gadgets for the Military

Article by Bill Wayne

Many people are fascinated by the idea of spy gears. They think of James Bond movies and scenes of the cold war with the KGB and America. Spy gears and gadgets for the Military are much more than that, however. The Military’s role of protecting the country against all enemies inside and out has led to it using spy gear and gadgets as a standard part of its operations. Spy gears and gadgets range from being simple to complex. The Military may utilize spy gears and gadgets which are as simple as binoculars or as complex as satellites and Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS).Some of the equipment used as spy gears and gadgets for the Military are cameras, binoculars, GPS, infrared night vision equipment, counterintelligence and self-defense equipment, among others. Generally, spy gear and gadgets are highly specialized and require some training in use. Counterintelligence equipment is often utilized when there is a suspicion that another party is using covert operations including spy gear to gather information. These pieces of equipment are used to detect the presence of other spy gears and gadgets and to counter their operation by removal or interference. Some of the common spy gear and gadgets currently in use by the Military are military binoculars such as the Steiner 8 x 30 military-marine binoculars. Infrared cameras and cameras with telephoto lens allows for surveillance activities at night and in situations of reduced light. Cameras with telephoto lenses allow surveillance from a distance. This is useful as the subject under surveillance may be unaware they are being observed. This is useful for the covert operation of the Military. The PVS7-3 is the standard model issue.GPS is a very popular technology in use today. GPS technology allows for the tracking of individuals. Stun guns which are easily concealed are also useful for covert operations. These utilize powerful, non-lethal electricity which can cause immobility as well as contain a situation and prevent it from escalating. Most army surplus stores will carry spy gears and gadgets. Ensure that the ones you purchase are legal for use in your location. Spy gears and gadgets for the Military tend to be very expensive. One of the reasons for this is that Military spy gear and gadgets must meet the strictest specifications for safety and quality. They must be tough, durable, portable and able to pass detection. The high quality of these gear and gadgets are reflected in the price of these equipment. Military technology is cutting-edge and one such example is Cornershot Technology, which is a weapons technology system which allows the Military to engage targets they are able to see around corners without exposing themselves. This technology works to lessen the likelihood of losing Military lives. A number of technology now in everyday use arose out of the need of the Military to meet its security needs. Although the existing spy gears and gadgets for the Military are exciting, even more exciting technology are in the making. Keep checking your army surplus store for the latest available spy gears and gadgets for the Military.Go to

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