So many gadgets, so many technologies: Making sense of it all

So many gadgets, so many technologies: Making sense of it all

Article by Chaitanya Tapase

In this era of ‘Breaking News’ we are all flooded with so much information, that sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything that is going around you. Technology moves at a similar speed, and newer gadgets, gizmos, products and apps are released every other day to quench our thirst for the ever growing field of technology. We Indians sure love technology more than our Western counterparts, and it should come as no surprise that more and more tech-savvy Indians are relishing the newer and faster gadgets available in the market.

Hi Tech Gadgets in India are now a niche market. Every manufacturer worth his salt will try and win over eyeballs to sell more products. Without going into the depths of profit margins and the business models, we need to understand that marketing is now the key to selling products. And no doubt each manufacturer will try and out-with the other, by clever marketing and sales schemes – so that his product sells more. These schemes range from displaying your products prominently in all Electronic Gadget stores in India, or asking reviewers to write favourable reviews for their electronic gadgets in India, and so on. Like every product sold under the sun, the latest gadgets in India are more about the marketing than about the product. Of course, consumers will always research the Tech review sites of India, to help them make a tough decision. There are plenty of Technology review site in India, and they will all carry information about latest gadget reviews in India, latest tech news in India, and so on.

What most consumers need to keep in mind is that Technology will never cease to evolve. It will keep growing, in every direction and keep updating itself. That is the primary reason why there are so many latest gadgets launched, every now and then. It is Technology, the driving factor behind the product that is being upgraded- leading to a newer product by the same manufacturer in the market. This growth will continue in the foreseeable future, without any limitations to it. Till then consumers will have to bear the latest gadgets news of India, and the new electronic gadget reviews from India. These electronic goods are classified into various categories, and it totally depends on what angle you are looking at it – to classify the different gadgets available in the market.

For example, if we consider buying a cell phone – the latest technology being talked about is 3G. But, in the western world, they are already laying down the infrastructure for 4G. That would mean, if India follows in the footsteps of the western world soon, then our ‘latest’ 3G phones will soon be out-dated. And that’s a fact. If you think that only cell phone technology is growing at this rate, because they are in high demand – then again, it’s a fallacy. Look at the way the digital cameras are evolving, and the picture becomes all the more clearer. You can look at a whole lot of sites, while researching on which digicam to buy; and you can compare digital camera of India with the ones available elsewhere. And, you will see that the products launched elsewhere have moved to better lenses, better features and a whole lot better image reproduction – which is going to be available for our desi audience SOON.

So, what’s the best way to tackle all this? Quite simple – keep yourself updated! Know what is going on, in the world of technology. Keep reading about new electronic gadgets reviews, latest gadget news in India, latest gadgets of India, latest laptops in India, latest mobile phones in India, latest mobile handsets in India, latest car launch in India, and so on. It is just that simple- and that difficult. It is a paradox that we will have to accept to live it, there is no other way out. Keep updating yourself or risk being outdated. That is the mantra of our tech-filled lives.

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