November 9 between British and German available at Apple iPhone – Apple iPhone phone, iPhone, Apple

November 9 between British and German available at Apple iPhone – Apple iPhone phone, iPhone, Apple

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As the summer’s most popular and influential mobile phones, Apple iPhone, any sign of trouble will cause the media reports at great length. In addition to the discontinued iPhone 4GB version and 8GB version of the substantial price diving impressive, the phone when it landed in the European market has become a topic of concern to many people. With the recent activities of the UK Apple press conference organized by the end of all suspense has the final answer. It is reported that Apple’s iPhone on sale in the UK and Germany, the date and exclusive sales have already finalized. The machine will be led by the UK operator O2 and Deutsche Telekom’s mobile operator T-Mobile on November 9 this year in the United Kingdom and Germany also listed. Apple iPhone, Click here to view all news photos According to foreign media reports, this will be Nov. 9 in the UK and Germany, both listed on the Apple iPhone at the same time as the 8GB version, which, O2’s version of the tax-inclusive price of £ 269, around about 4000 yuan . The T-Mobile version of the price was 399 euros, about 4160 yuan or so. It is worth mentioning that, although the British version of the iPhone to be on sale with the U.S. version is not much change in functionality, only supports EDGE networks such as the rumor did not support the 3G network. However, O2 in the UK’s 7,500 WiFi hotspots will be free to some extent to meet the needs of users for high-speed networks. In addition, Europe’s largest mobile phone retailer CarphoneWarehouse within the UK shops owned by 1300 sales of O2 version will sync iPhone. For sale will begin in November with the European version for sale before the U.S. version of those differences in the end there is also a curious topic. According to the latest news, the current UK comparison iPhone version of the main differences between the U.S. networks and services reflected in the increase or decrease in function. Among them, the UK version of iPhone firmware upgrade to version 1.1.1, so the menu more than a purple iTunesWiFiStore lower right corner of the icon, and also the British operator O2 logo. In addition, iPhone’s firmware version V1.1.1 is also more than in the past several functions, such as double-quick to jump to the currently playing song, video ClosedCaption subtitles adjustable, and the user can manually select the carrier in support of the European language of the keyboard, EDGE closed network options such as roaming. From T-Mobile Germany released iPhone version of the image point of view, there are purple iTunesWiFiStore machine icon, it will be the T-Mobile version will be loading new firmware version V1.1.1. In addition, for Apple’s upcoming 3G version of iPhone rumors now also been officially confirmed by Apple. According to foreign media reports, Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed yesterday for the first time, next year will launch a 3G network, iPhone, support. In London the day before yesterday’s Apple press conference, in addition to that with the British mobile operator O2 iPhone into the UK will jointly market, Jobs also told the media conference, “Next year in the second half, you will see a shall support the 3G network, iPhone “. According to reports, Apple will in the near future with Spain and France Telecom Orange contract, determine the iPhone’s distribution in Spain and France, right. [Keyword Search]: Apple iPhone, iPhone, Apple phones Large In Small

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