Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Article by Eddie De Jong

The gadget aisle of a given store can be quite confusing, and for a good reason – there are dozens, if not hundreds, of items available for the use of a good cook in a kitchen. Unfortunately, the most useful items are often obscured by those items that are a bit sillier. Not everyone, after all, needs a corn on the cob shaped butter tray or an ice crusher. There are a few gadgets, though, that every home should have.

Perhaps the most important item that one will find in the gadget aisle is a can opener. This simple item is easy to forget, yet no kitchen can do without one. A good can opener will usually cost under five dollars, and can come with a number of features. For those that like to multi-task, consider buying a model with a bottle opener attached.

Another great item to buy is an apple corer. Even if you are not a fan of that particular fruit, the item can be used on a number of different foods. On a similar note, a cheese grater can be great for any cook that regularly grates an item, from the standard cheeses to lemons. Always avoid those gadgets that serve a single use, and try to embrace a buying strategy that allows you to purchase the fewest items for the most tasks.

While the corer, grater, and can opener are by far the most important items in the gadget aisle for most, do not be afraid to look around. There can be great deals for those that cook certain products (thermometers, for example, are wonderful for those that cook poultry) and clever items that can add a bit of fun to your cooking process. Gadgets can seem a bit silly and wasteful, but a good cook knows how to put them to good use.

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