Move beyond keyboards and mouses with a tablet PC

Move beyond keyboards and mouses with a tablet PC

Article by Darlene Kaitlene

The world of electronic gadgets and gizmos is fascinating and at the same time intriguing. High degree of mobility among professionals in the corporate has popularised mobile computing among a large part of the masses.

Nowadays, tablet PCs are gaining immense popularity among people owing to the attractive features offered by them. Tablet PCs are notebook or slate-shaped mobile computers that are equipped with a sensitive screen designed to interact with a complementary pen. A tablet PC has emerged as a culmination of advances in shrinking notebook hardware and improvements in integrated digitisers as a method of input. A tablet PC’s digitiser is an absolute pointing device rather than a relative pointing device, such as a mouse or a touchpad. The digitiser is integrated with the screen and correlates physical touch or digital pen interaction on the screen.The digitising tablet technology enables you to input data by using a stylus or fingertip (instead of keyboard or mouse). This facilitates direct interaction with the display screen.

You can can enter text in a tablet PC by using:

handwriting recognitiononscreen virtual keyboardspeech recognitionstandard keyboardshorthand like entry methods that enable pen-driven input

A tablet PC is linked to a network through a wireless or wired link. The form factor offers a more mobile way of interacting with a computer.

Usually, tablet PCs run on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows Vista operating systems.

Tablet PC are useful when notebooks are impractical or do not provide the needed functionality.

Slates constitute a popular category of tablet PCs. Slates do not have a dedicated keyboard. A keyboard may be attached via a wireless or an USB connection. This makes it easy for you to carry them on business tours. Slates are popular in vertical markets, such as healthcare, education and fieldwork.

The various uses of tablet PCs are:

enable computerised manipulation, organisation and reading of large amounts of printed informationcasual readers may download electronic versions of their favourite booksstudents can scan in the pages of school textbooks

So, get rid of boring mouses and keyboards and enjoy the pleasure of a direct interaction with your PC!

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