Motion Computing releases the smallest tablet PC

Motion Computing releases the smallest tablet PC

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Motion Computing releases the smallest tablet PC

Motion Computing releases the LS800 as the smallest tablet PC running Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005.

It has an 8.4-inch display and is less than 1 inch thick weighing 2.2 lbs. It uses the Intel Pentium® M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 753 (1.2 GHz) and the Mobile Intel® 915GMS Express Chipset. The LS800 uses the 1.8″ hard drive vs the typical 2.5″ you see in notebooks usually. Also, it’s protected by a plated carbon-fiber chassis with metalized paint.

“The LE1600 builds upon Motion’s history of offering best-in-class slate tablet PC design for an unsurpassed mobile computing experience,” said Scott Eckert, Motion Computing’s CEO. “After listening to our customers in the mobile workforce, we have enhanced nearly every component, feature and design element in the LE1600 to increase productivity for on-the-go users while providing enhancements in mobility, performance and security. Through our leadership in product innovation, as well as our build-to-order manufacturing model, Motion is well-positioned to increase its already-significant share of the worldwide tablet PC market.”

Tablet PCs were touted by companies such as Microsoft as the future of mobile computing when products were first released in 2002. Tablets resemble notebooks but allow users to enter information on a touch-sensitive screen and to hand-write notes into certain applications. To date, shipments of the devices only represent a small fraction of the notebook PC market, according to industry market researchers. Certain industries, such as education, health care, and insurance, have shown a special interest in Tablet PCs, Clark said.

For the most part, the portable PCs have been released in two different categories. Slate devices, such as Motion’s products, consist of a flat slab that lacks a keyboard. Convertible devices, released by companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba, resemble conventional notebook PCs but have a flexible screen that rotates to cover the keyboard when used in Tablet mode.

Motion is now trying to get more PC users to recognize the benefits of a Tablet PC, such as its lightweight design and its capacity for around seven hours of computing time, with an optional second battery, Clark said. Other companies are trying to lower the price of their Tablet PCs to the level of mainstream notebooks.

Most Feature-Rich Tablet Available Today

Motion’s LE1700 is packed with cutting-edge features and technologies; all in a lightweight, durable and ergonomic slate tablet PC.

The LE1700WT includes the exclusive Motion WriteTouch display option for the most responsive dual-mode writing and touch-screen experience on the market. With the LE1700WT, Motion is the first to bring to market automatic switching between digitiser and touch input with a simple double-tap of a finger or hover with the digitised pen to go from one mode to the other. WriteTouch accepts input from the pad of a finger or digitised pen, but will not respond to other materials or objects.

“N-trig’s native dual mode technology for pen and capacitive touch enables the LE1700 to set a new and superior standard for tablet usability and natural input,” said Amihai BenDavid, CEO, N-trig Inc. “This new technology expands the horizon for mobile computing where even the most experienced tablet users will find a dramatic change in how they interface with their system. Once again, Motion is demonstrating its vision and leadership through introduction of the LE1700 for tablet PC users.”

Optimized by the tablet PC enhancements included in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, the LE1700 will allow IT departments to use one operating system across all enterprise hardware. Vista includes additional layers of.NET integration to facilitate the development of digital ink applications. Finally, with Vista, the handwriting experience is improved for the user with a trainable Tablet Input Panel (TIP) that personalises handwriting recognition.

“The LE1700 provides the enhanced computing experience mobile professionals expect,” said Bill Mitchell, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Mobile Platforms Division. “Motion’s display innovations and ergonomic product design uniquely take advantage of the tablet PC and mobile computing benefits in Windows Vista.”

The LE1700 is the first slate tablet PC on the market to offer Intel’s Core 2 Duo technology for greater than twice the CPU performance when compared to the previous generation Intel® Centrino®. Core 2 Duo increases system responsiveness when running multiple applications and extends mobility with smart battery power management.

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