Making an Outline of the iPhone

Making an Outline of the iPhone

Article by Ram Kumar Parajuli

Apple knows how to read the customers mind. Apple has launched its popular cell phone – iPhone and the popularity is spreading through out the world. A cell phone must be simple and full functional. This is what the modern generation wants and Apple knows what to give these hungry people. Let’s have an overview of some of the great features of an iPhone.

The features of iPhone are wonderful to be mentioned. Its elegant and slim design, hands free mobility, large touch screen and beautiful programs have made the fashion devices for the youngsters. iPhone comes with small programs called widgets to simplify everything such as calculator, weather, stock reports and many of them which are useful in ones daily life.These things are available in the start page of an iPhone and so you can access easily whenever you want.

The hands free mobility is one of the beautiful features that are the reason for its popularity. You can attach your iPhone to your arm with a sport band while you are jogging, walking or running.At these times you can use your iPhone enabling the Bluetooth on, but you need some accessories to make hands free communication.

Apple has launched its 8 GB and 16 GB model recently. These memory capacities are large if we compared with normal cell phones. With music and video playing features like that of iPod, the people downloads large amount of music in their iPhone and there is shortage of memory soon for the softwares. You cannot add memory cards to iPhone and people are complaining about the memory capacity of iPhone.

If you own an iPhone, it is easy to make phone call. With a finger tip, you can call to anyone in your contact list. If you want to make a conference call, then that is also possible. While talking to two people, you can merge the calls and start the conference. This feature looks quite thrilling in an Apple iPhone.

An iPhone uses the Safari browser for internet, which is one of the best for cell phone. Still some people complain that there is no search capability and password storing facility in the browser. However, iPhone is easy to use for accessing internet and downloading contents. You Tube is jointly working with Apple to provide vast selection of movies, music, T V shows on its website. The video contents of You Tube are easily viewable in iPhone. This has made large number of people find their tastes in this small device which they call the iPhone.

iPhone is a splendid piece of technology available today. It is combined with fashionand technology in a portable piece. The features are very large to explore and cannot be listed in a single article. iPhone can be bought online through Apple or AT&T – the cell phone service provider of iPhone. It is quite expensive than the normal phone but if you take it as an entertainment device then you will get the return of the money.

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