Jack of all trades to meet the high-end 3G Tablet PC user needs to attack

Jack of all trades to meet the high-end 3G Tablet PC user needs to attack

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That calculation, pinch, 3G applications from the extended to the universal, is also approaching a year’s time. During the year, many friends from the television, newspapers, websites, street advertising and promotional pathways known 3G, understand 3G, and the real use of the 3G. Nowadays, 3G mobile phone, 3G network cards have been more and more into the show life, anytime, anywhere Internet access is no longer a people’s dream. As we hail the coming 3G era, when, who once thought: so many of the 3G device, really easy to use it? Face of small screen mobile phone, notebook computer facing heavy body, you really experience the Internet the fun it? Perhaps you have thought of a new online mode?? Yes, that Tablet PC.    3G Tablet PC ushered in a new application of the spring    In fact, the rise of Tablet PC is not just what happened this year. Back in the promotion between 3G, Tablet PC market had already formed, but then many manufacturers and consumers also hold the mindset that the Tablet PC is just a supplement to a home computer, so functions can not have a qualitative breakthrough, hardly beyond. We think the Tablet PC on the market have been apathetic when, 3G applications there, anytime, anywhere access to the Internet means that more emphasis on portability of equipment, which is a spring of Tablet PC development.  Earlier this year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Apple’s Tablet PC iPad, which undoubtedly indicates Tablet PC ushered in a new spring, the domestic to Lenovo, Jack of all trades on behalf of Hanwang to speed up the domestic manufacturers have formed a flat computer hot market situation today. There is no doubt, who will perform a more thorough application of 3G, 3G performance will play a more complete, who will be able to win more consumers. At this point, as the national leader in 3G Tablet PC – Jack of all trades, it has clearly grasped the opportunities. Today, the Jack of all trades 3G Tablet PC Lifepad have successfully provided on the support of China Telecom 3G software can be achieved Tianyi video, love music, push email functions, compared to similar products for the more obvious characteristics, made clear lead advantage.    Music, video, E-mail with your point    With the 3G device, you are usually busy on the Internet what? I believe more users, or watch video, download music, e-mail…… but to achieve these functions, you have to keep switching websites, it will increase the number of operations. Uphold the “Application used to provide localization services and localization” of R & D concept, jack of all trades 3G Tablet PC Lifepad have these functions integrated together. As long as the screen to open the corresponding module, the latest and most all of the movies, the coolest and most unusual dynamic music, the quickest and most compelling messages, all you get.    As the leader in 3G Tablet PC, Tablet PC Lifepad Actively 3G built Tianyi video, love music, email push function modules, you can swim in a web site to enjoy all the fun. The integrated software offers after the powerful features you can not imagine the aid of the unique advantages of partners, 3G Internet access speed is more rapid and stable. And you need to do, just download a small Tianyi client capacity, and the rest on to the Lifepad to complete. In addition, Lifepad unique “full-screen smart handwriting,” “take the accompanying business assistant” such as personal life also make your network more convenient and flexible to achieve arbitrary control.    Actively meet Chinese demand for 3G Tablet PC Lifepad depth analysis    Why a Tablet PC can do little more than how things? This is the jack of all trades essence 3G Tablet PC?? Take into account the needs of high-end business professionals. Lifepad with Freescale i.MX51 chip (clocked at 800MHz, the maximum available to 1GHz), also with a 5000 mA battery, its superior performance ensures the high frequency of the lowest power consumption to run next, more power performance is called a must. 7-inch screen, the device weighs only 492g, whether on business, travel, all of its portability allows you to breath.    Meanwhile, Jack of all trades 3G Tablet PC Lifepad have powerful business applications and digital entertainment with a full user fashion taste. It is a collection of 3G wireless Internet access, e-mail management, file editing and processing, 720P high-definition movie playback, e-books, GPS and other functions, Internet office, reading songs, free of time and place, anywhere, anytime to gain control. Lightweight body, easy operation, superior browsing experience, whether at home, travel, travel, can this person necessarily carry the work of entertainment, work, play complement each other.    Jack of all trades 3G Tablet PC Lifepad in R & D when it is combined with Chinese habits, built-in GPS navigation Kay Rucker, national pen input method, Trader software and other practical features, its superior performance will be high-end business professionals second choice for business computer.    Today, more and more portable computers play the role of personal assistant, in addition to Internet and entertainment functions, the users of its set higher requirements. It also requires vendors to in-depth user, provide more affordable application. Jack of all trades 3G Tablet PC Lifepad certainly done that, not only to meet the needs of business people in office at any time, but also solve the high-end business people to worry about. The increase of Tianyi video, love music, push email and other new features, the jack of all trades 3G Tablet PC Lifepad truly simplified operation, the application of high office, has become the industry leader.

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