iPhone versus iPad

iPhone versus iPad

Article by Arnold Smithh


iPhone – The iPhone 3G is 0. With the upgraded 3GS it comes in at a palatable 0. The unlimited data plans add another to the bottom line. But, frankly, if you are a technophile, this is a bargain. You could also go the Craigslist/eBay route and buy a used one – but then you’d never be able to peel the plastic covering as part of a triumphant personal great reveal.

iPad – If you choose an iPad featuring only Wi-Fi connectivity you’ll pay 0 for the 16GB, 0 for the 32GB, or 0 for the mammoth 64GB. The Wi-Fi Plus 3G version will run you 0, 0, and 0 respectively. This is a hefty price to pay, but the old adage maintains -“you get what you pay for,” and this product is worth the pricetag.Apps

iPhone – The cost of apps on the iPhone range from zero dollars to a gut-wrenching and wallet-emptying 0 for a video surveillance dashboard. The majority of iPhone apps fall substantially closer to the left side of the number line.

iPad – Apps cost, on average, . This is ridiculous right now with the dearth of iPad-geared apps. However, this price will not be so bad when the apps catch up to the platform. Your mind will be blown by the revolutionary apps in development for this platform. And when you pass out from overstimulation, you can download the self-resuscitation app.Books

iPhone – If you are trying to read books on the iPhone – then bless you for your dedication to self-edification. But we all know on account of the increase in optometry visits across the country that this is not the best platform to grasp the inner conflicts of Hamlet or the tenderness of The Velveteen Rabbit.

iPad – The iPad basically shuts the door on the Kindle and the woefully underwhelming Nook. The iPad’s 9.7-inch display may finally make reading fundamental again. It sure does make it space-aged. The library of e-books available, the control over text types and font sizes, the crisp fonts, the rich colors, and the iPad’s brightness are all epic for book lovers. The iPad is lighter than most hardcover books; I still love the feel of holding dead trees in my hand, but I can’t argue against a device that promotes reading.Music

iPhone – Not bad with the headphones securely embedded in the ear canal. But the external speakers have a tinny, Fran Drescher tone to them.

iPad – The iPad’s speakers are really loud and crisp. Pandora, the app, not the box, sounds amazing.Gaming

iPhone – Serious gamers do not consider the iPhone as a “serious gaming platform.” Casual gamers are pleased, but not bowled over by the iPhone’s games. The iPhone’s gaming capabilities have all the charm of Atari.

iPad – The gaming features on the iPad are impressive. Serious gamers who have to take their games out of their mom’s basement will love this product. The screen and the graphics, for the few iPad-specific games available are worth the price of admission.Pocket Test

iPhone – The iPhone fits in my pocket.

iPad – The iPad does not. Until an Iron Man inspired chest holster is created, this will remain the biggest complaint about the iPad.Browsing

iPhone – iPhone web browsing is still the most impressive smart phone browser available. The small screen does not become an issue until compared with the iPad’s.

iPad – Bigger is better. I can view full pages on the iPad. I don’t have to switch to column view.OS

iPhone – iPhone 3.1 OS. Works great, especially with the iPhone optimization.

iPad – iPhone 3.2 OS. The few apps that have been optimized to take full advantage of the larger screen put the beauty of the iPad on full display. The photo viewer alone had me in a 4 hour trance. The features and vibrant colors turned me into an excitable adolescent – which may be reason enough to award the iPad the victory.Winner

iPhone – I love the iPhone so much. But I love advancement more. I declare the iPad the winner of our little throw down.

iPad – I am almost at a loss for what to say. This product is amazing and its potential has barely been tapped.

iPhone versus iPad

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