iPhone LCD Replacement

iPhone LCD Replacement

Article by Tom Lasky

Many iPhone users know the feeling – the second the handset slips away from the hand, the heart skips a beat, the hands try clumsily to catch it, and almost in slow motion, the eyes watch in horror as the iPhone bounces a couple of times on the floor. Face up is lucky, face down, not so much, and when picking the phone up of off the ground reveals a crack in the face, everyone starts to offer their condolences.

At this point, users have to consider a couple of possibilities. The first is that only the exterior glass has been cracked, which is the case if the screen still displays the normal iPhone interface. This means that the butter-fingered iPhone user in question is lucky, the liquid crystal display, or LCD, is still intact, and replacement exterior glass pieces are less expensive to replace than is the LCD. However, if the screen has gone blank, the LCD of the dropped iPhone has been ruptured, meaning a more expensive repair is in order, that of an iPhone LCD replacement.

By definition, when an iPhone LCD replacement is in order, the exterior glass screen must also be replaced, as in order to break the LCD, the exterior glass must first be broken. However, while this means that the iPhone in question has been substantially damaged, it does not mean that the handset should be discarded. While a relatively expensive fix, iPhone LCD replacements are a fairly common procedure, and exterior glass replacement is extremely common. Both of these procedures, even in combination, are substantially less expensive than replacing an iPhone in its entirety.

iPhone LCD replacements are a relatively complicated procedure, and one that most users will probably want to have handled by a professional iPhone repair person. However, users who possess a high level of technical competency will likely be able to perform the replacement themselves, meaning that these users will need only purchase the replacement LCD and a new exterior glass piece. Even users who decide to have a professional take care of the replacement may want to check around for prices of replacement LCDs, if for no other reason that to know what the repairman should be charging for the parts. The labor costs of having the new LCD and exterior glass installed are usually nominal; making the outsourcing of this job to trained professionals generally the best option for all users except those with expertise in taking apart and reassembling computers, electronics, and/or specifically iPhones.

While cracking the face of an iPhone is never a fun experience, a broken LCD and glass screen are certainly not reason enough to replace an otherwise functioning iPhone. iPhone LCD replacements are increasingly becoming a commonly performed repair, meaning that they are gradually decreasing in price and inconvenience, and there are more and more replacement iPhone parts on the market every day. So rather than trashing an iPhone after a bad drop, users should remember that almost every part on an iPhone can be replaced, meaning that in most cases, an injured iPhone can be brought back to life at a fraction of a cost of a new one.

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