iPad tablet PC sales exceeded a million online this market spoiler – 915nm diode laser module

iPad tablet PC sales exceeded a million online this market spoiler – 915nm diode laser module

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Last month, the company launched iPad Apple products sold in 28 days that broke one million. Because of a shortage in the U.S. market situation, Apple CEO Steve? IPad Jobs announced the postponement of time to market in overseas markets. iPad’s hot hot driven Tablet PC, other computer manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard has begun development of tablet PCs and other products.    IDC recently released survey of U.S. research report, iPad’s hot for Tablet PC sales growth will be. IDC expects sales of tablet PCs will grow six times in 2014. Tablet PC edge in the market will burst on the scene in the next endangered the survival of the Internet has become the topic of concern to the industry.    Tablet PC will become the new darling?    New listings iPad be favorable for the consumers are no secret, data, iPad listed first month of sales reached 100 million units, while last week’s iPad sales in the United States reached 20 million units a week, Mac machine sales of only 11 million units, the ratio of nearly 2:1.    Apple iPad’s success, no doubt a major IT company to enter the Tablet PC market, an important driving force. According to the “Daily Economic News” reported that Microsoft, Google, HP, Dell and Nokia and other companies have plans to enter the Tablet PC market. A survey agency is expected in 2010 Tablet PC shipments worldwide will reach 10.5 million units.    Morgan Stanley to the latest study shows that online sales growth rate of this has slowed. In July last year, Internet sales increase of this 641% increase in December last year, 179%, in January of this year fell to 68%. iPad will erode the share of the Internet. 44% of the potential iPad user said, compared with notebook computers, they are more willing to choose iPad; 27% of the iPad potential users, said compared with the desktop, she is more willing to buy iPad.    Why fame Tablet PC    The so-called Tablet PC means no flip, with a touch screen instead of the traditional physical keyboard, laptop computer, its performance and normal or nearly the same laptop. Such Tablet PC host computer with a number of integrated touch screen LCD, the handwriting input as its main input, they also stressed that the move to use, of course, may at any time through USB port or other port on an external keyboard and mouse.    However, the Tablet PC in the past compared to today’s tablet PCs have a certain degree of change and innovation. The future, Tablet PC sales are expected to achieve significant for two main reasons: first, date, Tablet PCs in the minds of consumers is only a conceptual framework, physical products in the market basically blank, help to attract the attention of consumers. Secondly, the Tablet PC will be able to beat e-book. Tablet PC’s performance comparable to laptops, smart appearance and this, e-books is similar, and have books by all of the features. Again, Tablet PC portable fashion. Recall that the success of the Internet in this fashion is very important to the appearance of light as a factor, but compared to the Internet Tablet PC portable aspect of this is worse than in fashion, fashion style lightweight easier to get the young family’s favorite. Finally, the Tablet PC more stylish features to expand.    Today, the Tablet PC on behalf of?? Ipad, except in the United States, yet in other countries and regions on sale, but some Chinese and European consumers can not wait to spend high prices from the online shop to buy from the United States, while this new products, parallel imports and smuggling of goods also began to visit Asia. Will replace the Internet in this market?    Although the iPad in the market was a great success, notebook computers and the Internet had the impact of this market, but the industry believes that the Tablet PC to replace the laptop with the Internet this is a very difficult task.    In a recent financial report at the end of Dell, Dell’s president of global SME Stephen that the “Tablet PC notebook products can never be replaced, in terms of both performance and applications, Tablet PC is a supplement to the personal computer, but not all. Tablet PC and the Internet the same as always, a subsidiary product, or a complementary type devices. The real star is still the notebook products. “  Although the majority of fans of Sony are involved in considering the field of tablet PCs, but Sony’s senior vice president of information technology Aba Rui said, “Over the years we have been closely watching the development of tablet PCs, not only because of Apple’s success, but also because Tablet PC brings interesting opportunities. iPad has brought new opportunities and get market recognition. but we can not determine whether the market is large enough. “    At the same time, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has said in its quarterly earnings conference, although the Apple iPad is very hot, but the Tablet PC and the Internet will not overlap in this market positioning, Internet sales still higher than the Tablet PC. Shen to believe that Tablet PC is a greater reliance on network-based cloud computing technology products, while the network’s reliance on the Internet not so strong, a lot of single task can be completed. He also acknowledged that, if not Apple’s accession, Tablet PC slower now than start over.    However, many manufacturers have begun operations. HP announced last month will be 12 billion for U.S. smart phone maker Palm. HP said in its Tablet PC operating system used in Palm’s WebOS.    Tablet PC in to see the huge potential market growth, Intel, Nvidia, and AMD and other chip makers are also plans to introduce a chip specifically for Tablet PC. Last week, Intel executives said in an analyst conference in early June of this year’s Computex show in Taipei on tablet PCs based on Intel chips will debut.    Huawei, Dell, Lenovo and other manufacturers have announced plans to launch its own Tablet PC models. But so far, in addition to Apple iPad still hot, other computer makers are still not yet officially launched its Tablet PC models.    Tablet PC to replace the Internet for the market, major computer makers are taking a non-approved manner. Therefore, whether the ultimate Tablet PC to replace the Internet in this market, they must depend on the market do the talking, short-term outcome may be unspeakable.

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