Internet Marketing Unleashed with Custom Vista Gadgets

Internet Marketing Unleashed with Custom Vista Gadgets

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Talk about the American dream revisited, one group of developers quickly if not brilliantly saw the potential for helping Internet marketers by providing gadgets to the new Windows Vista sidebar. Gadget Spark, a company based in Kissimmee, Florida launched their service of customized gadgets during the first week of March 2007. These personalized company gadgets have the potential to be placed on the desktops of millions of computers, causing the revenue of businesses to literally explode through exposure.

According to John Swartz, tech news columnist at USA Today, “Microsoft aims to sell 200 million copies to businesses and consumers worldwide in Vista’s first two years.”

If you have upgraded to Windows Vista then you already know that gadgets are neat little applications located over in the sidebar. Vista provides a few generic gadgets that will make your life easier such as a calculator, clock, etc. After purchasing new corporate computers complete with Vista, developers William Cross and his partner Lawrence James immediately saw the possibilities of gadgets helping the individual Internet business out there to be successful. Thus, Gadget Spark was formed. Be the First Will Rogers once said, “find out where the people are going and get there before they do”. Consumers research and buy millions of dollars of products on the Internet everyday. The marketers that sell these products online have various strategies for making sure the consumer views their product’s Website. This is not as easily done as it sounds. Many Internet marketing companies either struggle or fail within the first year. However, there is now a new strategy within the utilization of gadgets that can boost product sales.

Both William Cross and Lawrence James of stated that since there is near zero competition for developing gadgets at this time, whoever gets their gadgets out there and on top of desktops first will have an excellent opportunity to corner their market. Cross also stated, “the first day we launched Gadget Sparks, the response was overwhelming”. Senior programmer, Lawrence James said, “We had our programmers and designers working overtime to fill requests from all sectors of the business world and globe. We had inquiries from everything from bridal shops to sports equipment, attorneys and real estate”. A company can use their logo as the gadget design if they wish. Affiliates can have their sponsor’s code embedded within the design to make sure they are paid when a viewer clicks on the gadget and buys the product.

Possibilities for gadget designs are endless. The spectrum can include anything from industry news feeds, stock tickers, language translations, and sale items, even streaming video. Gadget Spark will custom build a client’s gadget according to their specifications, then list them on the Windows Live Gallery so Vista users can instantly download the gadget to their desktop. It all works very smoothly and is something consumers seem to appreciate having at their disposal.

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Gadget Spark designs, produces, tests and sells leading edge Vista gadget applications that feature advanced development and technologies that are “one of a kind” products on the market. William Cross, CEO and Lawrence James, Senior programmer owns the company. Gadget Spark also maintains a staff of talented programmers, graphic designers and writers. Gadget Spark is a subsidiary of SEO Fox. For more information about Gadget Spark

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