Industrial Tablet PC Fills Gap Between Handhelds and Laptops

Industrial Tablet PC Fills Gap Between Handhelds and Laptops

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If an industrial tablet PC has not yet become the go-to tool in your kit, it soon will. Therefore, as you gear-up to keep pace with the competition, shop for an industrial tablet PC with exceptional durability, user-friendly functions, and plenty of power to keep going even under the most challenging conditions.

In some industries and professions, the industrial tablet PC is simply a given in the workplace. Healthcare and law enforcement have pioneered use of industrial tablet PCs, equipping vehicles and personnel with robust lightweight tablets for instant access to and transmission of vital data. Other major industries rapidly are catching up. JP Morgan-Chase recently announced its intention to equip all of its executives and high-powered accounts representatives with iPads, so that they have full-featured, internet-ready PCs at their fingertips, ready to respond instantly and accurately to every client concern and query. Most of the nation’s largest law firms plan to outfit partners and associates with RIM’s new PlayBook, which emphasizes RIM’s legendary privacy protections.

What distinguishes an industrial tablet PC?

Techies currently debate the precise definition of a “tablet,” because its features and place in the constellation of consumer products continues to evolve. In general, though, experts agree with CNET’s working description of a tablet PC: The device depends on a touch-screen as its primary input device, and all of the ports and connections must be outfitted with robust seals to protect against water and dust. Light weight is essential to an industrial tablets design, but the unit also must withstand considerable impact. Most importantly, an industrial tablet PC must have wireless internet capability, must run on low power, featuring exceptional battery life, and it must operate a wide array of office and data applications. As a practical matter, working professionals understand that their industrial tablet PCs bridge the gap between handheld communications tools and full-featured laptops; in fact, a carefully chosen tablet renders an efficient executive’s cell phone and laptop obsolete.

Industrial essentials

While their debates over nomenclature rage, IT professionals universally agree environmental protection and robust controls distinguish “industrial” tablets from their homeowner and schoolboy counterparts. The more challenging the work environment, the more the “industrial” attributes become vital. For example, on construction sites and for first responders, advanced cooling systems, water resistance, and air filtering must protect professionals’ PCs from constant assaults. In an unprotected tablet, a single speck of dust can disable the hard-drive or compromise software applications. Just as importantly, all mid-range tablets are exceptionally vulnerable to the ravages of high temperatures: an iPad, for example, fails at temperatures above 110 degrees while the ambient temperature of a parked police car easily can exceed 130 degrees at summer’s peak. Similarly, anyone who ever has dropped a handheld device into a puddle or sink perfectly understands what water does to the average tablet. Industrial tablet PCs, therefore, must come with substantial, reliable safeguards against these common threats.

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