Improve performance Your Windows Vista and XP with Gadget Windows 7 Sidebar

Improve performance Your Windows Vista and XP with Gadget Windows 7 Sidebar

Article by hisyam luthfi

Improve performance your windows vista and xp with gadget windows 7 sidebar. It’s FREE and useful for you. Actually, these gadgets for Windows 7 but at conversion by Thoosje, so these gadgets can use to Windows Vista and XP. It’s very amazing. <strong>Don’t be late to try these gadgets</strong>.<!–more–><table style=”height: 463px;” border=”0″ width=”432″><tbody>

<tr><td style=”font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-size:11px; text-align:right”></td></tr></tbody></table>At this below, you can know the function of these gadgets.

Calendar Gadget: To detect the date now.Clock Gadget: clock that has several skins, so you can change it at all time.Cpu & Ram Display Gadget: Count the RAM memory and CPU when the computer active.Search Gadget: You unnecessary opened web browser to find information from Yahoo!, Google or MSN, enough with this gadget, and the result will appear in new browser.Hard Disk Gadget: Display the hard disk not yet used and has used.System uptime Gadget: Display your latest time when restarting your computer.Wi-Fi Gadget: display your internet signal, suitable for your laptop and computer with wireless internet connection.Internet traffic Gadget: Display ip address and also display how big kbs that enter and out.Media Player Gadget: If you want listening music, you can used this gadget. All feature in Media Player available in here.Recycle bin Gadget: If your recycle bin are full, you can detect it, all at once empty it easily.RSS Gadget: With used this gadget you can follow news and update from your favorites websites/blogs. Only input RSS feed from your favorites websites/blogs to this gadget.RSS Help Gadget: To making a menu in RSS feedWeather Gadget: To know your city weather or other place. It’s simple; you only input the zip, so you can know your city weather.Picture slider:> as decoration, you can choose a folder containing images, to displaying in sidebar.

These gadgets are some of overall gadgets from Thoosje. You can get more information in

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