Hundreds of user surveys about “what’s your ideal tablet pc ?

Hundreds of user surveys about “what’s your ideal tablet pc ?

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Tablet computers have really gives us a lot of convenience, but we also have reason to believe that many years later when we look back at today’s tablet PCs, we will feel they are so original – just like we see BP machine and Walkman today . ZDC recently give a research about hundreds of recent trade and tablet pc user , asked about their ideal tablet PCs, are summarized as follows:

First of all, about the appearance, the majority of future computers users want the weight is lighter than the iPad – with one hand holding will not feel tired for a long time, even if the screen size is slightly smaller (7 to 8 inches), they can accept . At the same time, many women expressed the expectation of the appearance of fine degrees – enough products to slim, stylish, beautiful.

Second, many users have mentioned the problem of battery using life. Becasuse mobile tablet pc is based on shifting, so continued use of more than 8 hours can meet them satisfactory. Currently, many brands are in the pursuit of high-frequency multi-core processing chips, while ignoring their possible side effects – a huge tablet computer power will shorten the battery life.

Third, the smooth sense of control is also essential. The main interface is not only a simple operation, but also included plenty of pictures, high-definition video playback, touch the operation of games and so on. Obviously, this requires a strong processor and large memory capacity, and sometimes also need to take into account the ability to capture the wireless LAN signal. A more high-end hardware configuration is not difficult, how difficult is mentioned earlier in the performance and battery life to find a balance.

Fourth, the need for resources to support a very powerful software. As the App Store is Apple iPad’s magic, like any other a Tablet PC, also need to launch a steady stream of applications, preferably the vast majority are free. E-magazine, for example, the user can iPad, a very low cost (even free) to read the hundreds of popular periodicals, covering finance, technology, sports, entertainment and other fields.

Finally, users have also made some suggestions, such as family user want tablet PC can take pictures and video calls, you can remote control all the appliances, like a scroll that can be bent. The workers hope that it is seamless handover, in the company, after connecting the keyboard and monitor, you can transformed into a standard PC, where it can be used to create the content (photo processing, video rendering) is even more perfect.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Recommend several most popular Tablet PCs

Tablet PC is currently become more and more popular, although there are a lot of tablet PCs in the market, in fact,every individuals have different requirements for different types of computers.

Strongest 3G Business Tablet PC : Cool Running X8 3G Ultimate.

A real computer must be equipped with the Windows7 Microsoft operating system , KUPA cool Tablet PC running X8 frequency with Intel N455 1.66GHZ, DDR3 2GB memory, 320GB hard drive, Intel integrated graphics and the resolution of 1024 * 600 10.1 inch screen.

The most lightweight 3G Tablet PC: Apple iPad

From the appearance, Apple iPad (16G/WIFI Version) Tablet computer just like the overall larger version of the iPod Touch, the face is a .7-inch LED-backlit IPS screen, the picture maintained a consistent style Apple display, bright colors sharp; black border around the screen seems simple, calm, the atmosphere is also conducive to the user hand control; on the front panel there is only one Home button, located in the bottom of the screen, design is very simple; it back a block is used in stainless steel, frosted The surface treatment makes better feel, smooth handling at corners, not only a stylish beauty, but also user-friendly hands to operate; on its border is the power, volume control buttons, 30-pin data cable port, headphone jack and speaker openings, the back center is a big Apple LOGO, and is consistent and simple style.

Configuration, the Apple iPad (16G/WIFI Edition) processor with 1GHz A4 comes standard with 16GB of memory; using 9.7-inch capacitive touch screen, to ensure transparency and good but also with multi-touch each other, 1024 × 768; life time is about 10 hours.

The most popular tablet pc ?Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000

Appearance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Tablet PC the top of the design or the consistent continuation of the Samsung mobile phone design, it uses a large 7-inch TFT capacitive screen, support for multi-touch; resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels. 12mm thickness body, butbuy electronics with 4000mAh battery. Samsung P1000 joined the standard SIM card slot, voice calls can be normal, while the next largest Micro SD card slot also supports 32GB of capacity expansion. In the back of the fuselage, the aircraft is equipped with a standard 500 million pixel camera.

Configuration, the Samsung screen LTN156AT01 Galaxy Tab P1000 Tablet PC equipped with ARM A8 processor, 512MB memory and 16GB memory, integrated PowerVR SGX 540 graphics chip, integrated LAN, WIFI wireless Internet access, mobile 3G Internet access, Bluetooth module, HDMI high-definition interface, Android 2.2 Operation system.

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