Headset for iPhone 3GS

Headset for iPhone 3GS

Article by Lalena von Kleinnasswald

One of the most important iPhone 3GS Accessories is a Bluetooth headset or an ordinary headset. Here we present some of the best headsets:

1. BlackBerry Stereo Headset (3.5mm) 4 for iPhone, iPhone 3GThis cleverly designed iPhone 3Gs headset has a microphone in the line with a multifunction button (answer / send). Your stereo music playback automatically mutes for incoming calls and resumes once the call has ended. The BlackBerry stereo headset is specially designed for the iPhone or iPhone 3G 4. This sleek earbud headset iPhone 3G has an adjustable neck loop, so you can continue working and safer driving with the voice dialing that is supported and initiated with the multifunction button.

This headset offers iPhone 3G:In-line microphoneAdjustable neck loopStereo soundEarbud Headset3.5mm plug

iPhone 3Gs headset 2. HTC Stereo Headset with remote control for iPad, 4 iPhone, iPhone 3GOEM HTC Stereo Headset with Remote Control allows you to talk on the phone, watch video clips, play games or listen to music in stereo without the phone. The 2 in-ear buds fit comfortably in your ear which reduces noise. Lightweight and comfortable, this makes iPhone 3G Headset for excellent sound quality when you’re on.

This headset offers iPhone 3G:Cable length = 3 m.Use for Music, Movies, Games & Telephone2 earbudsComfortable and LightweightPause, Play, fast forward & rewind

iPhone 3Gs Headset 3. Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPad, 4 iPhone, iPhone 3GThe wireless music experience is enhanced with an improved version of the award-winning iPhone 3G headset MOTOROKR S9, the Motorola S9-HD. Your freedom is now enhanced with high-definition audio and ear buds that reduce background noise and more comfort. The S9-HD is the new benchmark of wireless music powered by Bluetooth wireless technology.

This iPhone 3G headset offers 3-D surround sound and high-definition acoustics from SRS WOW HD ™ technology. Let the outside world behind as you concentrate on your music with enhanced bass and sound of this headset iPhone 3G. The S9-HD headset iPhone 3G offers rich sound quality, no wires, so you’re free to your music and calls wirelessly conduct.

Headset 4 iPhone 3Gs. Palm Stereo Headset (3.5mm) 4 for iPhone, iPhone 3GLose yourself in music with a stereo headset earphones designed for a higher quality audio experience. When a call comes in, you can quickly switch to phone mode using the answer / end button. The ultra-comfortable, lightweight design allows the ear magnets that fasten behind your head when you’re not using them.

3.5 mm headphones with a higher sound quality with other compatible devices is 3.5mmComfortable in-ear budsSmall, slim box with answer / end button

iPhone 3Gs Headset 5. Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 4 PRO, iPhone 3GPlantronics obsessive acoustic engineers have no limits on the headset technology, so you sound like you would hear in the same room is not miles away on a windy road and surrounded by noisy people. Ergonomic tests have produced an iPhone 3G headset is so comfortable that you will always want to wear it. Dual-Mic AudioIQ2 noise-canceling technology enriches sound quality.

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