Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets

Article by Mark Robinsson

Google has become one of the largest companies in the world, and one of the most useful. More and more people are switching to Google as their default search engine, making it the number 1 search engine. In fact, website designers and search engine optimization professionals have Google’s stringent conditions in mind when coming up with a website. The website should be spotted by users among the first page of results in Google, which is harder to achieve as compared to other search engines like Yahoo and MSN.

Google is also known for its diverse offerings. Aside from the default search engine for which it was first known for, Google also offers other applications that are quite useful to the web community in general. For example, it has Google maps. You can search for a place using Google’s search algorithm and then you can get a bird’s eye view or satellite shot of that place.

Another one is Google Mail, which it created to match the other two search engines that have email services as well. Google Mail is in fact the preferred email by most people because of its simple, yet professional looking design. It is also dear to people’s hearts because of its very effective spam blocking capabilities. Spam mails are automatically transferred to the Spam folder and are prevented from entering your inbox and flooding it. It is so effective that sometimes even legitimate mail can be mistaken for spam and filtered.

If we will talk about the many applications that Google has for its users, then we surely need a lot more pages. Instead, this article will focus on what we call the Google Gadgets. Google Gadgets are also becoming rapidly popular among content producers in the Internet.

What Are Google Gadgets?

Google Gadgets are customizable widgets that can be used in several websites. If you have information that you think will interest others, then you can use these gadgets in spreading that information with other people. If a person is interested, he or she will add the gadget to their own websites.

What happens when she adds your Google Gadget? They will then receive live feeds of updated information from you. This is one way to build popularity in the Internet, and can even be used for business. You can use a Google Gadget, for example, to redirect people to your website after giving them the information they need. If they were interested in your product’s niche market, then chances are they can be interested to buy your products as well.

Google Gadgets can be used by a person to advertise and promote his own website. Google Gadgets can enhance the aesthetics of websites in order to make them more attractive to their visitors’ eyes.

How to Make Google Gadgets

Another advantage to Google Gadgets is that they are very easy to create. You can come up with your own Google Gadget within just a few minutes in Google’s gadget website. They can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse, and the API will come up with the needed Javascript and HTML code that your users will use to embed the Gadget to their Website.

Examples of Google Gadgets

There are a lot of Google Gadgets that are being used in the world. Here are some examples:

Horoscopes. Some people are just so fatalistic, while others read horoscopes just for the hell of it. No matter what the reason, horoscopes are popular. This has also led people to add horoscope gadgets to their website so that every visitor to their website can see different horoscopes every day.

Stock Market Figures. Stock traders need up-to-date and accurate information so that they can identify trends and make critical decisions. A gadget that offers live feeds of the information they can use is thus a much needed gadget in websites that offer financial information to their visitors.

Quote of the Day. There are people that love to hear or read quotes from famous persons. Thus, if a website wants to be popular among the web community, they can use a “quote of the day” gadget to keep their visitors happy and entertained. It also gives the website a very educational look.

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