Getting The Best Tablet PC

Getting The Best Tablet PC

Article by Brian Jones

Ever dream of getting the best tablet PC but were afraid that this piece of technology may not be what you expected? Feel that you just might waste your money without knowing what it can and cannot do? The only way for you to feel confident about your purchase would be to research the item and read reviews to help you make a decision.

What is a tablet PC?

The tablet PC is a new way of looking at portable and mobile computing. A tablet PC is basically a laptop that behaves like a clipboard. The tablet pc has a swiveling screen that can lay flat and act like a piece of “paper” to be written on.

When the tablet PC hit the market several years ago, it created a fan base following that many people have come to love. It simply offered them something new and useful.

This being the case what factors should you consider when shopping around for the best tablet PC? First of all you have to decide if you would want to buy a slate or convertible PC. This is crucial because the tablet PC may not meet your expectations here on this.

A convertible PC is your best choice if you need to use a keypad most of the time to enter data. However if you do most of your work with a pen and keypad entry is very minimal, then tablet PC is for you. Of course a keyboard and other accessories may be attached but that defeats the purpose of a tablet pc. Tablet PCs are advisable to use if what you need is something light and thin and doesn’t bog you down when you carry it.

Most people who use the slate-type notebooks are people who need to input data occasionally or frequently using a stylus or similar input device. This means that the item can be exchanged between users and it saves on inventory costs. If you need work done for the whole day then you should go for the tablet PC for its screen can be rotated or tilted to view from different angles.

Screen size is another thing that users look for. For some, bigger is always better. Slate PC’s usually have a 10.4” to a 12.1” because the item is supposed to be carried in ones arm while being used. It requires one arm to carry or view but both to view and input information. While tablet PC’s have smaller screens, it can be hard to view full page notes or pages. You may have to zoom in on them to read and can become tedious.

When you compare the features of the slate and tablet PCs, aside from the screen size is the resolution. Resolution is the amount of data that can be displayed on the screen. Most slate and tablet PCs have SXGA but larger screens may have the same resolution but may appear to be pixilated.

Warranty and after sales support is crucial for any purchase no matter what you get. Would you rather speak to a real person or a voice menu? When you have problems navigating your item, will they assist you? For people who are not so familiar with the technology this is a must have. In the end, you have to decide which factors are for you so that you can obtain the best tablet PC.

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