General knowledge for Tablet PC purchase

General knowledge for Tablet PC purchase

Article by Yoyo

1. VersionsTablet computer on market with the Android system become the mainstream products currently , most of the cottage to match Android2.1 versions, with the Tablet PC’s basic functions, but the speed and configuration, and all belong to the low-end products, consumers computers, you first need to identify the version of the type used. According to market information learned and domestic brands AOCOS launched Tablet PC is now a full range of uses Android2.2 version of the configuration.

2. Speed

Tablet computers to the mainstream of entertainment, see e-books, listening to music, Internet, stocks, play the game. Therefore, the Tablet personal computers operating speed has always been the focus of attention of consumers. General Tablet notebookds to control the memory up to 80M, is slow, the reaction insensitive.

3. Storedpersonal computers portable, the operation of the human as his popularity in the market the necessary factors, but the Tablet PC memory configuration is far less than PC. If we install multiple applications, copies of several films, memory basically OUT. Tablet PC on the market depending on its configuration, can be classified for storage.

4. Touch screenTablet PC products as a non-keyboard input, touch the way they are consumers in the process of consideration. There are two types currently on the market touch screen: resistive and capacitive touch panel screen. Capacitance screen operating performance little better, but expensive prices.

5. AOCOS high-definition flat-panel computer and Receive “double the performance””HD, speed, storage, touch,free shipping, and manipulation” is always necessary to buy Tablet PC reference factor. March 2011, the domestic high-profile brands AOCOS proposed “double the performance” the new concept of tablet PCs, respectively, from “high-definition, speed,battery, storage, touch, and manipulation” 5 major aspects of the tablet personal computers to create the strongest performance. According to Marketing Manager AOCOS Wang rights introduced AOCOS Tablet computer to hit “high-definition entertainment” function, not only do the industry’s buy electronics top product performance, in the “entertainment” performance will be more innovative things to it. AOCOS win this year is “universal high-definition entertainment Tablet PC” campaign!

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