Evolution and success story of the iPhone

Evolution and success story of the iPhone

Article by Kothu Kumar

Since the time of release of the iPhone in June 29, 2007 mobile OS and the exploration of opportunities in the mobile app space has grown through leaps and bounds. Within no time Apple has delivered a series of successive iPhone series like the iPhone 3G, 3GS and the latest iPhone 4. All though many iPhone lovers follow the news of their favorite mobile device very closely there are a bunch of facts they might not know. I have made an effort to compile them here.

Apple’s attempt to enter the mobile world started with Motorola ROKR iTunes phone. The phone was a big failure. Apple got good media coverage with Cingular CEO mentioning that Apple had the technology to build something truly revolutionary, “light-years ahead of anything else.” In December 2006, Jobs met wireless boss Stan Sigman and showed off the iPhone; its brilliant screen, its powerful Web browser, its engaging user interface. Sigman, called the iPhone “the best device I have ever seen.” Apple spent USD 0 million to develop the iPhone. iPhone software development was in a great shortage of time to finish the OS for iPhone. So on a very tight deadline to finish the iPhone right on time, Apple software engineers looked carefully at Linux, since it had already been rewritten for use on mobile phones.

With successive release of the iPhone the Apple market share tremendously increased every time. The iOS market share quadrupled and more and more developers got committed to make applications for the iPhone. Developers found the opportunity to make money and also get good recognition for their work. All in all Apple has made the iPhone a success in spite of heavy competition from Android and other mobile OS owners. Iphone has evolved as a clear winner when it comes to mobile OS dominance and also getting the love from both user and developer community.

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