Electronic reader slowdown, some manufacturers fought Tablet PC

Electronic reader slowdown, some manufacturers fought Tablet PC

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At present, the e-reader market remained sluggish in the case, the vendors want to seize the Tablet PC as a last resort.

Who asked not to be named head of e-reader makers in the “Daily Economic News” interview, said the industry sales in 2010 is not good, most businesses less profitable.

In the e-reader manufacturers are trying out an awkward position, turning the field of tablet PCs, the traditional consumer electronics manufacturers have begun the layout Tablet PC, and early products onto the market.

In this regard, made clear that the appliance experts Duanmu, Tablet PC market this year, China will usher in a large heavy volume of the stock market, but “to see if the correlation from the brand, electronics manufacturers and computer reader, mobile phone makers than the transformation of traditional household appliances easier to manufacturers. ”

E-reader manufacturers awkward

“Full-year 2010 sales of electronic reader far less than our original expectations.” Analysys International analyst at Sun Peilin said, “The domestic market sales of the year should be 1.05 million units, while our previous forecast of 300 million. ”

Although annual sales of 1.05 million units also achieved an increase of 168.7 percent, but with a drastic increase in 2009.

Analysys International data show that e-reader market in 2008 was 2.07 million units, while in 2009 this figure increased to 391,500 units, an increase of 18 times.

Sun Peilin that the small base in 2008, which is an important reason, but difficult to change the e-reader market slowdown trend, “I predict that in 2011 an increase of 38.6%, in the end, after the price gradually reduced to sales of the industry in 2013 may reach 360 million units. ”

E-reader makers of all things Green Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, President Chang Tao in an interview that the e-reader market is not big bang open, “the key is not kept for personal consumption, many products are concentrated in the gift, the entire industry development is very embarrassing. ”

Who asked not to be named head of e-reader manufacturers to disclose to reporters, the actual situation may be even worse, “the industry’s sales volume in 2010 is 60 million units, which all enterprises are not easy last year.”

“The industry just emerging, the profit margins to 40%, but not how to decrease the cost, the price has dropped a lot, increasingly slim profit margins.” Sun Peilin, said the channel would also like to set aside part of the Moreover, the discount space.

Chang Tao believes that the price of hardware has always been the one hand, high piracy market, too many other books, e-reader is always survive in the cracks, “A lot of popular books, it is difficult to get the copyright for the first time, The time difference is lethal, can not do simultaneous release. The market’s overall sales are prerequisite for the survival of all businesses in all kinds of shackles, the e-reader market can not be a big bang, so this year we will increase the Tablet PC input and promotion efforts. ”

Get together and Tablet PC

Perhaps it is to see the e-reader market could face the embarrassment, the traditional household electrical appliance enterprises directly targeting the Tablet PC.

“Tablet PC applications in the future will combine the traditional home appliances, intelligent, and we at the beginning of the operation when the project did not consider the reader.” Skyworth Electric General Manager Wu Qinan on the “Daily News” the reporter said, “all of the R & D inputs and technical team, are our own, Skyworth is the future market value of room for growth. ”

Wu Qinan said, flat-screen computers in terms of the company is not a problem, in addition the company has been in the appliance industry after years of grinding, sales channels and supply chain management have done well, “so the future we want the user experience and product stability more effort. ”

However, household appliances made by experts Duanmu clear that in an interview with reporters, did not think the traditional consumer electronics companies into the market, “the brand is relatively small correlation, of course, Skyworth can also use their own brand reputation to the business done, 2011 more enterprises to join the melee among the Tablet PC. ”

Analysys International believes that the terminal vendors, particularly consumer electronics manufacturers, mobile terminal manufacturers already have a certain amount of upstream and downstream resources, to facilitate entry into the tablet PC market. On the part of small and medium sized e-reader device manufacturers in terms of low threshold, there is a certain transformation of profit opportunities, existing resources can be combined to re-launch a similar nookcolor the terminal, “e-reader makers involved in the content than just the industry enterprises have an advantage. ”

According to industry sources, 2010, the overall global sales of tablet PCs will reach 25 million units, Apple has announced its 2011 sales target of 4,000 million units, “Apple’s goal should be 50% of the global total, all Other vendors will be 40 million units in the market hard work, China’s overall market should be at 400 million to 500 million units. ”

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