Eight reasons to buy Tablet PC

Eight reasons to buy Tablet PC

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1. MID will run Microsoft’s most advanced operating system. Windows XP computer is actually the expansion of Windows XP Professional, in addition to the features and performance with XP, but also support the “pen-based computing” and other features.

2. Tablet PC will expand PC is used. You can on a laptop and desktop computers through a keyboard to enter notes and text, and use of the Internet. But with “pen-based computing,” you can be the introduction of PC digital pen and paper operations. Tablet PC comes with a special “digital pen” and “input board” program (like the input board is displayed on-screen keyboard), you can write directly on the screen, and then either save handwritten notes, It can also be converted to standard text file. As you use the digital pen instead of the mouse, keyboard, or use a regular mouse and keyboard, choice is yours.

3. You can take notes electronically. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition comes with is called “Microsoft Windows Journal” notes software. Use the software, you can create, organize their own handwritten notes. Usually created with pen and paper notes, diagrams and drawings etc. can be created in Windows Journal, storage. Tablet PC’s advanced handwriting recognition technology can make your handwritten notes on the fast search to find required content (Payne in the presentation of his handwritten notes for a search and find the included “budget” word all the records .)

4. You can work from anywhere, and will not disrupt meetings. Many companies prohibit or discourage people use laptops in meetings. Why? Because the laptop screen between the user and the speaker put up a barrier. When you keyboarding, eyes will leave the speakers. By using a pen and letter size of the screen (with the keyboard folded up, the screen is only so big letters), participants can take notes and maintain normal eye contact, and even secretly view the e-mail or visit the website . Meanwhile, the Tablet PC and notebook computers have the same mobility and wireless capability, so the user can also in coffee shops, classrooms, airplanes and hotel rooms.

5. Tablet PC can be used as your preferred PC. Remember, Tablet PC is not a PDA, but to configure a complete PC, so you do not make it with a desktop machine to keep the “Sync.” As mentioned earlier, “folded” with an integrated keyboard, and tablet PC can be folded together. “Flat plate” with an expansion slot connected to the keyboard work on the table, and the demolition of the keyboard is very easy. Tablet PC’s “standby recovery” time is very short. IDC’s Promisel forecast, over time, there will be more and more users will be Tablet PC as their primary PC.

6. Can improve your efficiency and cooperation partners. Tablet PC version by downloading the Office XP Pack, you can in the core Office XP applications use digital writing (but not any pen can be used.) For example, you can add Microsoft Word 2002 document, handwritten note or drawing, in PowerPoint 2002 presentations emphasize key points, through Outlook 2002 to send handwritten e-mail with other PC users (whether using the MID) to share handwritten documents . You can either display the content according to the need to highlight, cut and paste the handwriting, but also according to the need to convert a large number of handwriting to typed text.

7. You can personalize and international. By setting the Tablet and pen, you can customize the Tablet PC for left-or right-handed operation and programming through the button to complete the various tasks. In addition, Windows XP Tablets Edition is also available in English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional Chinese) and Korean versions, and supports Windows XP Multilingual User Interface, you can dialog menus, help files, dictionaries and proofing tools for the user to use the language to change the language.

8. Your data is encrypted and protected. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Windows XP Professional provides all the protection functions, including the “Encrypting File System” security and “access control” feature, it also supports the use of CTRL + ALT + DEL button to the security log.

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