Don’t you want your iPhone to fell and look more good?

Don’t you want your iPhone to fell and look more good?

Article by Pandamimi

Pandamimi the worlds largest, Apple accessories store, offering various accessories for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod, iPod touch, iPad at very cheap price with big discounts moreover free shipping worldwide. The offered accessories are range from Kits, cables, Screen protectors, cases, Car kits, chargers etc. Now you can also decorate your iPhone with latest fashion trends of market, and get more use of your iPhone.

iPhone 4 Cases and PouchThe back cover of the iPhone can get scratch easily. iPhone 4 cases and pouch is the most important must have accessories. There are two ways to safe your precious from scratches, it is either using the phone case or pouch. There are a lot of different cases and pouches in the market and it will make you really hard to make a choose. There are various of iPhone 4?s cases materials:Hard, Soft, Leather, Plastic, Silicone, Natural Wood, Jean, Makrolon, Cloth, TPU, Metal, PET, High Polymer, Matte, Polyurethane, AR15-V, Carbon Fiber etc. The iPhone 4?s pouches are normally made from either leather or PU (Polyurethane – a common type of plastic). Every type of materials will have different designs as well and hence give the iPhone owner a wide variety of choosing the cases and pouches.

Screen protectorsThe Sreen protectors is another most important must have accessories for iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 come with the high definitions Retina display glass which is made from the same materials used in the helicopters, and it is chemically strengthened and harden to make the iPhone 4 more scratch resistant, durable and oil resistant. The oil-resistant coating is help to keep the iPhone’s screen clean but it will reflect the light especially under direct sunlight.

Basically there are two types of screen protector in the market, one is the normal shinny screen protector and the other one is the anti-glare screen protector. Well, both of them have the same main function which is protect the iPhone’s screen. As describe above, the original iPhone 4?s screen already made from harder materials and it supposedly will not scratch but who will guarantee it at the end of the day. We all paid so expensively to get this baby and of course we shall take good care of it. So, this screen protector will act as the double safety measure for the iPhone’s screen. Since the anti-glare screen protector will overcome the light reflection problem.

Headsets accessoriesApple is included the wired stereo headset in iPhone 4’s retail box but now there’re more and more accessories for accessories. I’m not joking. Like Earphone Wrap Cord Manager, Now you will have No more fussing with too much cable hanging between your music player and your earphones – just wind up the slack and lock it in. Smartwrap is easy to use. All that is required is to snap the cord into place at one of two places, then wrap and snap into place again.

We believe at Pandamimi, you will find everything you could want for your iPhone to be decorated. Visit us at

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