Differences between Tablet PC and the traditional PC

Differences between Tablet PC and the traditional PC

Article by Yoyo

March 8 ,International reported “post-PC era”is daunting, to clarify this concept, we have to speak out the point. First need to state that, after the PC era yet to come. Tablet personal computers and the current difference between the traditional PC.

First of all, while tablet PC have adopted touch-screen ,PC use the traditional keyboard, mouse and touchpad combination. Tablet personal computers is small size, light weight, for extended battery life, processing power is not strong enough; using a different operating system can not run a large number of computers applications. Apple iPad at least the lack of a large number of ports, you can not connect an external monitor, digital cameras, wireless network dongle, backup systems, finger-like memory, can not be heated.

Second is Tablet PCs have a lot of overlap with the traditional PC tasks – such as the Internet, send and receive e-mail, social networking and casual games, but there are also differences between the two. Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son iPad replace their use of PC, but most people do not follow the estimated Son.Many daily work is done on computer in a tablet would be very difficult, even unlikely. Microsoft Tablet computer deficiency Office, through the virtual keyboard is difficult, not easy file storage and conversion.

Third, some of Tablet computers to complete the work can not be completed through traditional PC: games, graphics applications and other interactive software take on a new direction, and support the touch screen and accelerometer.

Forth, the Tablet PC can also be used to read books, and more convenient than the laptop. Tablet computer batteries life for a long time, no power at all times. Instant boot feature eliminates the need for people to watch the works of a lot of trouble.

All of these new features Tablet PC market research promote the agreen of “post- computers aera ” concept. Gartner research director George Shiffler said last week: “We expect the mobile PC LTN156AT02</body> as people and other media, such as iPad tablet growing enthusiasm, will significantly slow down the family mobile PC sales. tablet computers will replace Part of the PC. “In other words, tablet PCs will be replaced in some areas of PC.

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