Depth analysis of Tablet PC operating system market competition situation

Depth analysis of Tablet PC operating system market competition situation

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iPad’s hot, so that tablet device again become the focus of giant disputes. For flat panel devices, this is the best of times, hundreds of hardware manufacturers, software developers, content providers seek to enter, giving users the choice of as much as possible; this is the worst of times, the industry giant looking for a Tablet PC operating system, Central Plains, to push the nascent market, “Warring States” era.

Apple’s rise: iOS

Back in 1999, Microsoft proposed a “Tablet PC (Tablet PC)” The concept, however, grinding sword available in just three years, added a handwritten notebook features, the corresponding Windows XP Tablet PC Edition flash in the pan, so that tens of thousands of developer’s efforts to be destroyed, on the “Tablet PC ten years to replace traditional notebooks,” the assertion that Microsoft has become a member of many jokes.

Instant is ten years, Apple’s iPad, so that “Tablet PC” concept to reproduce the human world. More precisely, iPad is a “tablet” rather than “Tablet PC.” It follows the iPhone, iPod touch operating system iPhone OS (has officially changed its name to iOS) – as a tailor-made for mobile devices earlier system, it is difficult to play “computer” in the name. Apple drastically cut down the keyboard, peripheral interfaces, enhanced network access, focusing on content acquisition and reading, for us to show the “flat” another layer of meaning.

The original iPhone OS directly into the core of the “i” series among the demonstration of Apple’s high expectations of the operating system. Therefore, in addition to inheritance has always emphasized the concept of user experience, iPad also equipped with AppStore, and compatibility mode allows direct operation through the iPhone software, released at the beginning to try to rely on a large number of applications to represent the iPhone’s brilliant. With a strong appeal, Apple has successfully completed the iPad from iPod touch to the layout of the mobile device products, and even rumors that home desktop iMac touch screen will be introduced to provide iOS system mode, the tablet can be seen the determination to promote in the end.

However, the passage of time, when the embattled Apple back to life, iPod market when it was born no longer loose, saying Apple’s every move as the market leader now is not too. Targeting iOS the closure, other manufacturers to seize this opportunity, have launched their own tablet operating system, hoping to win a share of the market in the ascendant, iPad opened flat “Warring States” for China.

Google’s Independence: From Android to the Chrome OS

Google and Apple have not forget the honeymoon. At that time Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is a guest of Apple’s board of directors, when Google tried every product launch for the special version of iPhone, when Apple’s mobile devices, Google is the default choice – until the emergence of Android. Aware of closed equipment, system manufacturers on its “veto power”, Google understand the need to have their say, even contain what opponents ??.

So Apple began to tell the story of betrayal Google, so Google started shouting: “If Google does not act, we will face a cruel future: a person, a company, a device, an operator will be our only of choice. “Whether smart phone, or tablet device, Android become iOS enemy. Although the Android user experience with the latter in the distance there, but believe in continuous improvement Qinnengbuzhuo of Google, free, open, developed areas of information sufficient to bring the second Android Android Market, has become the forces should not be overlooked.

However, for Internet applications rely on fortune Google, Android, at best, expedient opponent checks and balances, it’s ideal in the Chrome OS. Chrome OS completely cloud fashionable fit the concept of local applications and storage away, run, such as Google Docs, sort of network applications, data are all stored on the network server. While the whole concept with the Internet (Netbook) with the rise may be equally suitable for flat-panel devices. More critical is completely consistent with the network of Internet companies Google’s fundamental interests.

Perhaps the strict sense, Chrome OS operating system and other flat panel iOS not identical, but inevitable once the advent of fierce competition with other vendors, and even its own Android formation and confrontation, after all, Android is far from reach the end of the stage, this battle may be more exciting. Google will need to focus on the internal development of products for the difference between the two, and further development strategy.

Nokia and Intel’s counterattack: MeeGo

As the king of smart phones, Nokia seems to have embarrassed the past few years, though hardy support, but the Symbian operating system iOS, Android and other opponents weakness before filling, it is difficult revival. Nokia’s counter-attack, is also Intel’s counterattack, Intel in the mobile portable market fared very happy to foster the Atom architecture painstakingly thought about the impact of the Internet their own traditional notebook market, iPad and other touch-screen tablet device and turned an out. So last June, the two companies frustrated clique, will each fledgling Maemo, Moblin combined, the introduction of the operating system MeeGo.

MeeGo include mobile phones, flat panel, Internet, automotive equipment, almost all on-line TV network connected devices can be required, the target is to create fully integrated vertical Internet device experience. In order to achieve such lofty goals, Nokia and Intel invite Linux Foundation supports the program, more open than Android, more emphasis on user experience than iOS than any other operating system easier to develop and attract more developers – MeeGo for their own The success of the development route, at least looks beautiful, it is very difficult to do.

So far, only a handful of pre-installed equipment MeeGo. Engineering samples of the trial from existing video point of view, MeeGo tablet device in the stunning performance, regardless of efficiency, user interface, operating mode, not weaker than the market pioneer. Looking back at Nokia, Intel described a bright future, such as complete cross-platform, cross-architecture, cross-device resistance, such as Android, ChromeOS, WebOS and other components directly to call it … … it is worth the wait. Nokia has announced its flagship product, after all carry MeeGo, believe that the solution penetration, the number of applications of the problems, MeeGo ability to attract loyal users.

The Myth of Microsoft: Windows 7 or Windows CE

As the earliest advocates of Tablet PC, Microsoft in an awkward position, watched the concept of Apple to grab it to flourish again, after another argument into which other manufacturers, but always can not find their entry point. Microsoft, however, must join the war tablet device operating system, as the world’s largest developer of the operating system name, as the inventor of the dignity of the Tablet PC concept, although it can continue to rely on Windows 7 being to charge forward.

Excellent desktop system may not be suitable for flat-panel devices, even in the operating experience, the number of applications, supporting documentation with more fully on the advantage of the fact that Windows 7 is not ready to migrate to flat preparations. There are some pre-installed Windows 7 has been released tablet device, but users seem to expect the development of battery technology have come a long way. If Microsoft insists will be a bloated Windows 7 onto the plate, then in the new flat, “Warring States” era of almost no chance of winning.

Although critics of Wall Street has been sarcastically Microsoft lost innovation, Courier tablet device has proved otherwise. One of the product concept, industrial design, Courier rated the best in recent years, Microsoft products, even in the face a wide range of flat products, is still giving a fresh feel, customizable systems are switching to more Windows CE. Product concept video came to light, people exclaim: iPad real killer finally appeared. Many years as rival Apple, Microsoft seems to re-find the ups and downs proud of the opportunity.

Unfortunately, in the case of the patent application is approved, Microsoft has announced that in April this year, Courier stillborn, aborted the public not know the reasons, perhaps because of technical problems, perhaps because of staff turnover, perhaps because of the conflict … … Microsoft Project This is to prove that the tablet device, it still can not find convincing his own choices, so no one would put into the battlefield of indecision as rival Microsoft seriously.

HP’s secret weapon: WebOS

HP as the world’s largest personal computer maker, on the flat panel market, coveted, it’s Slate tablet device based on Windows 7, and iOS against each other, in order to provide a complete Internet experience as a selling point, a few on display are by professional media praise. However, on Windows 7’s poor performance in the flat, almost broken Slate’s future, HP in order to find solutions, products had to delay the official release date, missed the most important sales period.

Fortunately, Microsoft did not affect the myth of HP flat panel market to open up the determination and ambition, HP acquired in April 2010 smash hit that year the smart phone maker Palm, as well as its WebOS operating system. If the selection of touch screen smart phone operating system in the most comfortable, Palm’s WebOS and iOS probably equally matched. Outstanding execution efficiency, excellent memory control, good power management, a powerful information integration, and elegant multi-process management card, WebOS almost created a perfect operating system

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