Consider the advantages offered Android tablet PC 2.2

Consider the advantages offered Android tablet PC 2.2

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The Android tablet PC 2.2 has things like USB ports. These work with your external devices and allow you to use some of your external hardware along with the 2.2. This is not an option with the iPad at all. Another big reason to consider the 2.2 is that within a few years it will be able to overtake the iPhone in actual users. Even though the iPad has a large application base today, this will switch very shortly as the 2.2 become more popular. Even though the iPad is a good device, you may wish to consider using an Android based tablet.

The cost of Android 2.2 shouldn’t be as great since one company will not be controlling what applications go into this product. That will be a great help in keeping the cost of the 2.2 down. Besides the different applications available for the 2.2, there should be more features too. This means that when you go looking for your new 2.2, consider all the options you will have as there is no need to limit yourself.

In the world of Tablet PC, the Android tablet PC 2.2 has really taken some market share from iPad, even though they haven’t beaten iPad yet. Since the release of 2.2, they are recommended due to their excellent functionality and affordable pricing.

There appears to be some confusion about the differences between Android 2.1 and Android tablet PC 2.2. Compared with Android 2.1, 2.2 has more speed and performance optimizations. Besides, it has USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality that is not found in 2.1. It can even support Flash 10.1 and helps to improve support for Microsoft Exchange over 2.1.

The Android 2.2 is built with Freescale iMX515 800MHz ARM Cortex AS processor, 512MB DDR2 RAM, besides 4GB ROM and 8″ 800*600 resistive touch screen. It is built with 802.118/G WiFi as well as 4 sides of G-sensor. This means that you can turn the display in any directions you want. The 2.2 has a built-in 4200mAh Li-ion battery that will be able to meet your everyday needs.

Well, you should really come see the Android tablet PC 2.2, because it is really great. If you are not sure about it, just go ahead and give it a shot. This is because the 2.2 is also available with 45 days refund guarantee on certain online stores.

As per the media reports, IT market has begun to boom off tablet PC since Apple iPad has been listed. Presently there are a lot of Google Android WiFi Tablet in the market. This includes the Android tablet PC 2.2 that has a lot of adjustment and improved touch-screen user-friendly interface.

Among the various Android tablet PC 2.2, some are 10-inch screen size, while some of them are 7 inches in size. The smallest is only 5 inches size. At the same time, the battery life, processor power, memory, etc. are all different in the case of each Android tablet PC 2.2.

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