Comprehensive Guides to Tablet PC

Comprehensive Guides to Tablet PC

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At present time, the tablet PC becomes so hot in the market. Maybe most of people know how the tablet looks like, however, there is still a little hard of exact definition of it. What is a tablet PC? Somebody said: A tablet is a notebook with a touch screen and without a keyboard. This definition is too simple to make the sense. Now let’s take a whole vision of this new gadget.

tablet PC is portable computer whose primary input device is touch screen. Other characteristics are their tablet size, wireless connection to Internet and local area networks. They are powered by variety of operating systems. Some are proprietary ones like Apple iPad iOS others include windows 7, windows Vista and Android systems.

There are several forms of tablet pc on the market. Tablet pc comparison can be done according to their form. These are standard forms of tablet computers:

Convertible tablet pc – Basically a notebook with touch screen capability. They come in form of base and a screen that can be rotated around swivel for 180 degrees.Slate – A classical tablet pc form of pad with one touch screen and without keyboard.Booklets – A dual screen tablets that can be folded like a book.Hybrid – Convertible tablets with detachable keyboardRugged – Tablet pc resistant and adapted to hard atmospherically conditions. Used as a platform for using pc on terrain.

To the people who want to take party in the group of owners, you should know both the advantages and disadvantages of it.

In my opinion, the advantages of are their size and weight. Due to their dimensions they are very practical and can be used while sitting in sofa, lying in bed or walking around. With a size of a book and special application they can replace this traditional reading source.

However, it does have some disadvantages. Its hardware especially screen is prone to damage as they are used in various situations and environments. Compared to other personal computers as notebooks and PC’s they have weaker capabilities. Especially video with its low resolution is a draw back comparing it to its big brothers. Minimalist ergonomic can be a trade off regarding typing experience. Traditional keyboard with wrist rest is much more comfortable.

Tablet PC seems new and become popular during present time, while in fact, it is a project that started in Apple laboratories in 1989 resulted in first tablet pc named Newton launched on market in 1993. Revolutionary idea and product were way ahead its time and Newton sank into history almost unperceived. Next major step was introduction of special Microsoft XP windows OS named Windows XP edition in 2001. This edition incorporated support for pen-sensitive screen and handwriting. Microsoft’s contribution is also the name “Tablet PC” as this was the first time it was used. Various attempts from different companies were made since then. But final breakthrough came again from part of Apple in form of iPad in 2010.

And see from the market trend of, which is estimated that their share will grow and soon surpass popular notebooks. Forrester Research is predicting that over 20 millions of units will be sold in 2005. This means more then 40% growth per year and thus most rapidly growing market among personal computers devices.

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