Baidu iPhone input leakage can already download and install Internet – Baidu, iPhone-it industry

Baidu iPhone input leakage can already download and install Internet – Baidu, iPhone-it industry

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(817, ‘5 7 morning news Baidu 39 s ambitions in the input has been satisfied in general Mobile And PC platforms and Netease Technology was informed that the test version of the iPhone iPodTouch Sogou input method has been first to step on the leak at the forum Most iPhone users after the trial were given a high rating The picture shows the iPhone Baidu input method user interface screenshot 2 Source Wei Feng network forum posts Baidu Online iPhone input leakage Baidu reported exclusive area in the input update it is the internal division engineers to test PC version online Pinyin input method plans new model of cloud computing no need to download the client online use and Sogou input method for a showdown Blau yesterday also learned that Baidu 39 s ambitions in the input method is not the only it has even been the first to Sogou launched iPhone input IPhone now in the domestic industry is expected to have more than one million users In some domestic iPhone forum iPhone Baidu input method is a hot topic last night some users began to download and install using the leaked version of Baidu iPhone Some users tried to introduce in the forums Baidu iPhone input is leaked version of the current not landing Apple Software store APPStore so can not directly download and install only quot escape quot user that break through the Apple software can bypass APPStore blockade to iphone free installation Application software And most of the iPhone iPod Touch software are escape can be downloaded after installation Well received by most users Related materials Baidu iPhone Smart Pinyin input method support strokes five strokes and other input methods support for touch thumb Keyboard And 26 of the keyboard switch Microsoft support simple document Larry and other high input habits support from the thesaurus management import contacts business card update Network Words such as popular Through observation and micro Bo iPhone forum to share experience for users most almost all of the users input method on Baidu iPhone has given high marks A micro Bo in his friends said he used the iPhone Baidu input the input speed substantially higher input 70 80 words a minute no problem other users of the evaluation a quot type flying quot This is a forum for users that use the iPhone since it is best to use a software Some users pointed out the trial after the iPhone input Baidu some problems such as not stable enough enter all the letters can not be directly deleted Import Contacts feature is not available and so on Baidu iPhone user input received such high praise of one of the reasons is that it is the information input at the origin the former Plum input method based on the development Point information input method in the mobile phone users in the critically acclaimed its product design on a human scale to enter the known speed Baidu in 2009 and the point information input method Cooperation Access to some of the relevant authority for further development eventually released the brand Baidu Baidu announced in December last year mobile phone input method that is so Baidu iPhone input meaning to bring mobile search users Baidu is not the industry 39 s first launch of the enterprise iPhone Chinese input method Prior to the Baidu iPhone community Wei Feng network already launched Wefit Chinese input method obtain a lot of iPhone users Previously the industry has been that the PC side leading Sogou input method will be the first to introduce its own iPhone input method input leakage Baidu iPhone or let some of the industry and users by surprise Feedback from the user perspective their typing speed can easily exceed Wefit This has been the same type that iPhone mobile users is good news For Baidu in terms of iPhone and other platforms input method input method is not a cell phone earn shouted products It allows mobile Internet users a convenient low threshold to use Baidu 39 s mobile search Mobile phone users to use Baidu 39 s mobile search the general need to open the browser enter the Baidu website before you start searching it somewhat cumbersome Input method is the use of mobile phone tools necessary to add if you input a search key play key words the more direct the browser will automatically open the search results appear which will greatly reduce the cost of the user Therefore the mobile phone input method on Baidu 39 s mobile search is significant it needs to do is to input the user experience of mobile phones do it becomes a highly viscous products IPhone leaked version of the current input method does not increase Baidu search button do not rule out the possibility like Baidu and Apple with input integrated Google search button to integrate its input a search button ‘)

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