Apple iPad2 is evaluated US journals as the best Tablet PC

Apple iPad2 is evaluated US journals as the best Tablet PC

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San Francisco, April 5?Xinhua?reports that United States “Consumer Reports” published product evaluation rankings of the major Tablet PC, the U.S. The new second-generational Tablet PC iPad2 that Apple has leads the market of tablet PC.

The well-known product review magazine said that it totally makes product laboratory evaluation of ten kinds of tablet PC that are most promising on the market, in addition to Apple, there are from Archos, Dell, Motorola, Samsung and ViewSonic and other venders of tablet PC.

Evaluation consists of 17 indicators, including the touch screen sensitivity, versatility, portability, screen glare and ease of use. The results showed that Apple iPad2 has the highest comprehensive ranking and almost the score of each indicative evaluation is “excellent.”

In an evaluation of the other Tablet PC brand, Xoom Motorola showed the strongest competitive strength with Apple iPad2. “Consumer Reports” indicates that Xoom’s screen size and iPad 2 are equivalent, but the built-in card reader and support for Flash video and other functions that Xoom have are not available for Apple products, which provide more convenience to users.

The editor of electronics of Consumer Reports predicted that competition of Tablet PC price will become more fierce with more and more other kinds of products entry market.

?Disclaimer?the view of this article only represent the author, which has nothing to do with information networks. All statements and views from Information site about this article keep neutral not including any expression or hints of accuracy, reliability or completeness of this article . The above-mentioned information is for readers` reference only, and all responsibilities will be accepted by you.iPad has sold for almost a year now, and Apple’s marketing machine has been fully running since then, even though other products are similar on configuration and functionality as Apple’s iPad, if they don’t have a big advantage on price, there’s a long way to go. So far, Apple is still the market leader on tablets, and it’s a long way ahead, last year it has 90% sales of total tablets market.

Tablets market is not PC market. In PC market, Windows is still the king, other PC manufacturers could make low price to weakening Apple’s bright side.

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