Android Tablet PC and smart phones launched an attack down the first 3 years sales

Android Tablet PC and smart phones launched an attack down the first 3 years sales

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Smart phones and android tablet PC by the impact, in the first quarter of the global PC (personal computer) sales decline 3 years for the first time, the domestic PC market share or first-tier cities will be phones and tablet PCs to catch up. Authority from the U.S. research firm Gartner data show that in the first quarter, global PC sales reached 84.3 million units, down 1.1%, which is since 2009, PC sales in the first quarterly decline. “In addition to the traditional PC sales decline of raw materials prices and the impact of the economic downturn, the both and other products are superior to PC users experience increased possibility of being replaced. PC this year marked decline in market share.” yesterday (April 18), Di, vice president of ICT Group, Feng Qi told the “Daily Economic News” interview, said the trend line in Beijing and other cities is particularly evident. Di, head of ICT market, “said the current price of of two with only very low-end PC prices, or even lower, many consumers will give priority to these.” 60% of the total sales of smart phones And slightly decline in the PC market, compared to more crucial breakthrough smartphone trend. According to Analysys International, China’s annual mobile phone sales in 2010 reached 67.598 million (excluding the “black” phones and “parallel imports”), in which smart phone sales reached 22.203 million, accounting for 33% of the total sales volume.”First quarter sales of smart phones has already broken (D. Phone mobile phone) 60% of total sales,” said Feng Qi, as of the first quarter, Dixon pass Beijing branch smart phone sales accounted for 63%, 50% less than last year . Qi Feng said that sales of smart phones sold more than 60% of the total, indicating that these products began to enter the full development period. PC shipments fell Intention to transfer encourage consumers to buy more PC vendors go to Android Tablet PC. The data from Gartner, 2011 Tablet PC shipments will reach 57.3 million, growth of 267.3 percent. Dell, HP and other PC giants have begun to actively develop the traditional tablet PC. Samsung, Motorola, LG and other handset manufacturers have also introduced android tablet PC products. “Traditional PC sales because the root of the crisis is the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity of this year, on the other hand, compared to PC in 5 years or more generally the replacement cycle, smart phones and tablet computers about 15 months on average replacement cycle of more consumer tastes, and updating its cost is more acceptable. “Feng Qi told reporters that the city is expected to line the traditional PC market share in significant decline in the second half of this year, will be replaced by smart phones and tablet PCs, which will inevitably trigger a new round of industry instability and integration.

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