All about Android Tablet PC operating system

All about Android Tablet PC operating system

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One of the things that is the most irksome about the iPhone and the iPad is the battery. It’s not removable. If it goes, you need to get a whole new device. Android tablet PC has its own batteries which are replaceable. In case the battery goes, you only have to buy a new one. And if you’re under warranty, the manufacturer will send you a new battery without having to bother with taking your entire . The of is based on Linux developed by Android inc. A lot of work is still being done on OS in order to get more and more applications

Android Tablet PC operating system has evolved with a rapid pace in the recent years. This has given rise to many versions ranging from the unnamed 1.1 version to the forthcoming 3.0 Honeycomb. Version 1.1 was replaced by 1.5 called Cupcake. This version was upgraded to version 1.6 called Donut. Donut got replaced by version 2.0/2.1 known as Eclair. Then the next version 2.2 (Froyo-Frozen Yogurt) was released. Next was version 2.3 also known as Gingerbread. The latest edition of is Android 3.0 called Honeycomb. It is an that has been especially developed for tablets.

The first Android Tablet PC that has Android 3.0 installed is the Motorola Xoom tablet computer.

Android Tablet PC operating system is a whole package for mobile devices. It has an , middleware as well as key applications. It is the first full package, open and free application for mobile devices. This operating system has multiple applications which can run simultaneously. The user can switch between them easily. All applications in are developed in Java. Hardware resources include telephony, location, besides Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Sensors and much more. The operating system supports features such as interface, available apps, besides multitasking, abode flash, turn-by-turn navigation, as well as video chat, connectivity and voice commands. The operating system is liked much more because of its openness. It has an open marketplace so it is available to people. Customers and programmers use this place for developing and publishing their work and to buy any one else’s work.

Honeycomb is the latest version of the Android Tablet PC operating system and is considered as a tough competitor to iPad because of its wide range of functionalities. Therefore, it can be concluded that Android tablet PC operating system is one of the preferred choices for all mobile devices. The version 3.0 has enabled to enter very strongly into the tablet PC market. The strength of operating system is not only its’ openness but the variety of features that it supports as well as the optimization for tablet computer platform. All this has made a very strong Apple iOS and iPad alternative. The is available at a very good price at the various internet based auction sites at attractive prices.

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