About Tablet PCs

About Tablet PCs

Article by Larry Gomes

Tablet PCs offer functionality and mobility, whereas desktops cannot be moved and laptops or notebooks are heavy and sometimes impractical to wield around everywhere. There are many noted companies that make tablet PCs and they are very advantageous, especially in the corporate sector and in the medical industry. Tablet PCs allow a freedom of movement and enhance efficiency in the work place.

Some Features of Tablet PCs

Today there are many developments in the field of technology and that also means there have been impressive developments in the field of Tablet PCs, too. Here are some impressive features of Tablet PCs:

* Tablet PCs have readable displays that can be clearly read in the sunlight and bright lights. This is especially useful in on-site inspections and tours.

* Tablet PCs have Capacitive Technology that senses the touch of the fingers, even when there is no pressure required for the system to recognise the input by the user.

* They even have digital palm recognition technology, which prevents the pen input from getting disrupted if there is pressure from the palm on the screen.

* Tablet PCs have multi-touch recognition, which allows for simultaneous touches to be recognised for enhancing manipulation of on screen objects.

* The Tablet PC can be extensively used with the docking station. This improves battery, use of keyboard, USB use, LAN, RS232 and VGA use. This basically allows the user to use the Tablet PC as a desktop computer.

Different Types of Tablet PCs


Slates are those Tablet PCs that do not have a dedicated keyboard. Users can write directly on to the screen with the help of a stylus or by using the fingers. The screen is pressure sensitive and so can be easily used. An external keyboard can be attached through a USB connection or it can be wireless. Slate models are the best when you want mobility and easy access, as no external parts remove any sense of hindrance.


Convertible notebooks come with a base body and an attached keyboard. They somewhat resemble the laptop, only they are larger and heavier than the slate. Convertibles are a preferred choice for those who are unsure of the use of the digital pen or stylus for quick work and would like the use of the keyboard.


This term was coined by the users of the HP/Compaq TC1000 and the TC1100. The hybrid combines the features of the slate with the convertible by using a detachable keyboard, which offers the same use when it is attached to a convertible notebook. However, these are different from the attachable keyboards used in a slate, as they do not allow the rotation of the screen, which is possible with the convertible.

Some uses:

* They are used in the medical field for checking the barcodes of the patients and automatically the patients file pops up on the screen. This avoids the use of paper and improves efficiency, as everything is tabulated and very easy to locate, thus saving time and energy.

* Tablet PCs made especially for hospitals have special features like cameras that allow injury photos to be taken and stored for future use.

* Corporate workers can use Tablet PCs for quick presentations when on the move or if they are on site.

* As they are light and easily portable, they can be used to take notes and have the same facilities as a laptop.

Hopefully this article has explained a bit as to what Tablet PCs are. If you are now interested in getting one for yourself or for the office, you can contact Constant Contact and they will set you up with everything you require. Please check out their website at www.constantcontact.net.au.

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