A Visionary Suggests the Features of the Best Tablet PC

A Visionary Suggests the Features of the Best Tablet PC

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Not all of the recent Tablet PC reviews have been favorable. In June of 2010, Larry King interviewed Bill Gates and his father. At that time, he spoke with the Microsoft founder about the PC, tablet, and other technology products. Bill Gates suggested that the best tablet PC not yet been offered to the public. In the mind of Gates, the ideal tablet PC should have something that the current products lack. That is a method by which someone can enter information. Present day tablets contain lots of information. One can read such tablets, and acquire a useful facts. But what can one do with those facts? How can one share those facts with others? During the course of the Larry King interview Gates said, “I wouldn’t want to take it to a meeting.” That statement underscores his view of the current market for portable technology. While a laptop and a netbook can be taken to a meeting, neither or those offers all the features found on a tablet. A laptop or a netbook can not be used to carry around an extensive collection of pages from a journal or a newspaper. It would be great to access the information from such pages at a meeting. Still, it would be even better, if one could enter into the same piece of hardware all the additional information one might obtain at any meeting. Gates has said that he has some of his people working on creation of the sort of thing that he has envisioned. Those people who spend many hours in countless meetings look forward to the unveiling of that envisioned technology tool. Meanwhile, the primary users of the present day tablets tend to be children and teenagers, those people who seldom find it necessary to attend and sit at a meeting.

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