8 useful & free apps for your affordable and cheap tablet pc

8 useful & free apps for your affordable and cheap tablet pc

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1)App: EvernotePlatform: iOS (iphone and ipad) / androidFunctions: It’s a kind of knowledge management app. It helps you to jot down every piece of information whatever that is text, pictures and voices. And most importantly, it helps you to organize and give you an easy retrieval of information. I have been using it for a long time and whenever I have some new ideas, I will use that to record. I will use it for jotting down notes during meeting as well. It is a so-called cloud technology and we can access it anywhere since all the data will be synchronized to their server. We can access it in our tablet pc, smartphone, laptop and PC with the same account logged in.

2)App: DropboxPlatform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / androidFunctions: It is almost the most user-friendly file storage and management app. Again, thanks for the cloud technology, the data you put on the Dropbox were located on server securely. You can access the same files and same data anywhere with one account. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can access it anywhere. We don’t have to waste time in synchronizing files. The most interesting thing about it is that we can do drag and drop of the files easily with this Dropbox and it is so user-friendly!

3)App: FacebookPlatform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / androidFunctions: um, no need to explain in details, right? It helps you to keep in touch with your friends everywhere.

4)App: GooglePlatform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / androidFunctions: it allows you to check email, read your favorite news with your Google reader, edit document with Google doc and share with team members, do scheduling in Google calendar, watch YouTube, there are still some many free services given to us by Google ( and able to replace our previous paid services.. e.g. Microsoft word…) Great!5)App: SkypePlatform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / androidFunctions: This would be another application I don’t have to explain much. Video conferencing via your tablet pc built in cam is now available in addition to voice conversation.

6)App: TogglPlatform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / androidFunctions: it allows you to time tracking your tasks and manage the time resources spent on each task. You just have to press a button when recording the tasks’ time when you are doing the task. You can pause it when you switch to other tasks. Then you resume the time count of that task when you change to work on that task latter on. After a day or a week, you can review your time resources by the project category. This helps you to improve your efficiency.

7)App: Remember the milkPlatform: iOS(iphone) / android. As of the date, the ipad version is still under testing and should be available soon.Functions: Remember the milk is a to-do-list software which can be synchronized to the server. (Cloud technology) That means you can access it anywhere with almost any devices as well. The User interface is simple and friendly. You can also set the priority for the tasks.

8)App: ThinVNCPlatform: after it was installed in your targeted computer, it can be accessed by almost any platform including iOS(iphone/ipad) and android. Functions: it is a pure-web remote desktop solution. After it was installed in the host pc, we can access it via HTML5 compliant browser. It is good software allowing you to remote access your pc at home or office. Thus you can use the power of the pc with your tablet pc accessing that remotely!

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